Technical Overview

 Issuer Dispute API Suite


   Steps to access to the API

     1. Before accessing the dispute API, you need to generate the Authorization : Bearer access token. To generate it use below link

    • In test/pre-prod, the token endpoint is
    • In production the token endpoint is  

     2. Generating Token (OAuth2)
    • Generate the key and secret by going to Credential section under subscribed API on developer page
    • Generate Authorizatoin Bearer token using above token links
    • Following command can be used to generate token
    • curl -k -d "grant_type=client_credentials"  -H "Authorization: Basic Base64(consumer-key:consumer-secret)"

    3. Send the Generated token as Authorization Bearer token in each API request
    4. Token token has a validity period of 3600 seconds. When the token expires the caller will encounter a HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) status code. When a 401 is encountered the caller calls the token end-point to receive a new token and then call API.
    5. Endpoint to access the various Dispute API is
    • Test/Preprod region :
    • Prod Region :
    6. In order to access the API , append the context path to the above url. Refer API Browser section for swagger documentation

     7. In API request body , PCI data like cardnumber must be encrypted with RSA 2048 bit. To encrypt the data use the public key shared by NETS