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eSecurity by Nets

Easiness powers life, progress and growth.​​​

Our vision is “an easier tomorrow, powered by Nets.”

Every day we aim to develop products and services, that help our customers convey their business in an easier and more efficient way. Our main task is to create value for our customers in everything we do.

We have always had high ambitions for our own and the digital agenda in Denmark.

​More security verses user tolerance

Security continues to rise and is more important than ever, with trends impacting business digital adoption, increased mobility, increased amount of online data sharing.

We want to use technology to drive growth and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Therefore, usability and user experience are a top priority for Nets to deliver stable and secure solutions.

​Nets' eID solution

Nets’ eID solutions supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and is compliant to the European PSD2 and eIDAS regulations.

The solution has three levels of assurance (LoA) using multiple authentication mechanisms to step up to a higher level of security. Due to the differentiated assurance levels (low, substantial and high) Nets’ eID solution supports the eIDAS regulations for Governments and private enterprises in Europe.

Nets’ eID solution is based on two-factor authentication. For the solution to be PSD2 compliant we do not use text messaging (SMS). Each of the factors are independent of each other and should be from the following categories:

1) "Knowledge" representing something only the consumer knows such as a password, pin code or biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

2) "Possession" representing something only the consumer possesses such as a secure token, a mobile device or other personal authenticator.

3) “Inherence” represents something you are, i.e. means that you can authenticate by using biometrics in the mobile app.

Who are your end-users?

Nets delivery eID solutions for citizens to identify themselves based on a personal identification system for internet banking, in the healthcare sector, appliance for public funds or registration of tax. It could also be banks and companies identifying themselves in an identification system used in human resources for managing employees, hiring and salary, finance and accounting, tax, VAT and other mandatory and operating business activities.