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Corporate Social Responsibility

Read more about our approach to CSR.

Our approach

At Nets, we recognise and respect the social, environmental and economic impact that Nets has through the digitisation of the countries in which we operate.

We impact by driving digitisation, increasing digital payments, running services related to digital identities, digitising paper-based processes, and ensuring that modern societies function in a safe and efficient manner within the broader area of digital payments, for the benefit of citizens and businesses alike.

Nets is as part of Nexi Group also part of the Nexi commitment to net zero by 2040 which you can read more about here


​Three CSR Pillars

​We are committed to drive the digitisation of society, be a responsible employer, and drive responsible operations.

​CSR reporting for 2022

Nets is part of Nexi Group since July 2021 and the Nets sustainability data and CSR reporting has been integrated in the Nexi Consolidated Non-Financial Statement for 2021 and for the entire year 2022. To download the report for 2022 click here​.

To download the 2021 report click hereNets CSR Report 2020 is available here.​​​

​CSR policies


All CSR policies applies to the management, employees, and contract workers of all Nets’ entities.

It is mandatory to comply with the policies and other legal requirements related to the policies. All of Nets’ suppliers and business partners are required to comply with the policies, cf. the requirements laid forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The policies will be reviewed every year and, if necessary, revised. In 2022 Nets has adopted a new CSR policy. The policy has integrated all the commitments from previous policies covering work environment, environment and human and labour rights. 


​Contact our CSR department


​If you have any questions about our CSR work, you are always welcome to contact our CSR department.   


Mette Vadstrup

Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager