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Nets Share HR

Automate the entire HR document handling

Many HR departments are engaged in a digital transformation away from manual work processes and physical files. Digital processes can make HR departments more efficient and provide control and overview of documents and contracts – and new employees get a good impression of the company with an employment contract that can be signed digitally.

Nets Share HR offers efficient and secure handling of HR documents, personal data and signings. In a single workflow, documents can be distributed, signed and archived.​

​​Efficient and secure handling of HR contracts

Digitise your HR processes and accelerate your digital transformation with Nets Share HR, a cloud-based, easy-to-use and scalable tool for sending, signing and storing HR documents and personal data.

Use Nets Share HR directly from your desktop and is fast implemented. Nets guides you through the process and you will be up and running in two weeks.

A shortcut to digital HR processes

Improve the user experience

​Make it easy and straightforward for staff and candidates to sign HR contracts digitally in e-Boks.

Keep on top of HR documents

​Moving from physical files to a single, shared digital archive puts you in control of what documents you have and who can access them.

Efficient digital workflows

​Reduce costs on manual workflows, and get more standardised and efficient processes for sending and signing contracts.

Secure handling of personal data

​Distribute documents and information to your customers in secured channels. No personal data will be exposed.

​Speed up your signing process – and make a great first impression

Nets Share HR enables easy onboarding of new employees via e-Boks, a user friendly and well-known environment.

Faster, digital signing

Faster, digital signing

​Sign contracts internally and send to candidates and employees for fast signing.

Easy and safe signing

Easy and safe signing

​Recipient opens document in a safe digital environment with national digital identities.

Mobile, tablet and desktop access

Mobile, tablet and desktop access

​Access anywhere and on the fly with e-Boks and Nets e-Signing.

Fast and secure distribution to candidates and employees

How can you send HR documents and contracts digitally when e-mails can no longer be considered safe?

With Nets Share HR you can send documents directly from MS Word or other desktop programmes e.g. to e-Boks. Transmission of personal data is secured, and is only accessible by the candidate/employee.

​Automate your document storage and work smarter

Store documents, contracts, mails etc. automatically in a secure archive with e-Boks and Nets E-Archive. You get full control of access and user roles for all your HR documents.

Metadata and search makes it easy to find data and documents. Deletion rules for document types and automated routines help delete expired documents.  

TDC sends documents to e-Boks

– and archives in one click

In one year, TDC’s HR department has replaced the journey to the employees’ home letterboxes at least 6,000 times by pressing the Send button. They have this to say:

“Generally speaking, case processing flows faster. The recipient has seven days to sign an employment contract in e-Boks. If we send a contract in the morning, we often get it back, signed, in the evening.”
Jytte Hedegaard, Manager HR Services at TDC


​​Fast and guided implementation

Be up and running in two weeks

Nets guides you through the process so your company will soon be able to benefit from the many possibilities inherent in Nets Share HR.

Nets Share HR is a standard product with no integration, a simple setup and full functionality. That is why Nets Share HR is implemented independently of your IT department.


Finn Jeppesen

Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
M: +45 29 48 74 34

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