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​Since Fjellinjen AS switched to Nets’ ediEX invoicing solution, the efficiency of the invoicing process has improved greatly. One important new advantage is that they are now able to customise their invoices to suit their needs.

​For a company like Fjellinjen that issues invoices every day, having an efficient solution with good customisable options is absolutely vital. For example, Nets’ invoicing solution keeps track of whether the customer’s customers wish to receive their invoices via eFaktura, AvtaleGiro, hardcopy, e-mail invoice or e-Boks. Importantly, Nets sets up special, customised solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Those are some of the reasons why Fjellinjen is so happy about having opted for Nets’ ediEX invoicing solution.

–“We now have a brilliant invoicing solution that’s much more efficient than our old one. It’s a whole new world, as far as we’re concerned,” according to Anette Borge Saksvik, Change Manager at Fjellinjen AS.

–“There was no such thing as customisation in our old invoicing solution. Nets, on the other hand, has helped us a lot with digitising our invoice channels, for corporate and personal customers alike. We now have a much wider spectrum of solutions, too, such as e-Boks, e-mail invoicing, e2b , and so on,” Borge Saksvik explains.

She particularly emphasises their new-found ability to choose what text to include on each invoice. This is important, because Fjellinjen uses the invoice to convey advice or information to its customers and these texts need to be changed frequently.

Furthermore, they are now able to adapt the text for different languages. For instance, customers living in Poland will not receive invoices written in Norwegian. Borge Saksvik further explains that Nets has also developed a letter module to digitise and mass-mail letters, linking them with lists to make them searchable. This is an example of a specially adapted solution to save Fjellinjen employees a great deal of work.

These customisable options are some of the reasons why ediEX is the market-leading invoicing solution in Norway. Nets makes sure the customer’s systems are working optimally at all times and that ediEX is communicating as effectively as possible with any other solutions being used. This helps to free up resources for IT, customer service and operations, as well as boosting the level of digitisation at the company.

–“Our turnkey solution means we can respond quickly to changes in the customer’s systems and adapt the solution as required. We find many of our customers, such as Fjellinjen, really appreciate having an invoicing solution that’s tailored to their business,” says Gard Heiaas, Head of ediEX at Nets.

Being a public-sector company, Fjellinjen is required to use another invoice management system in addition to ediEX. This means a lot of invoices also have to be processed manually.

–We just have to put up with that, but, fortunately, ediEX has simplified things like deviation handling. All in all, our impression of Nets and the ediEX solution is extremely good. They help us with everything we need off the cuff, and they’re very receptive to input,” Borge Saksvik concludes.

Fjellinjen AS collects toll road charges in Oslo and Bærum, and is the most important financial contributor for the expansion of roads and public transport in Oslo and Akershus. They have approximately 630,000 contract customers and register roughly 113 million passings each year. The company is owned by the City of Oslo (60%) and Akershus County Municipality (40%).

“Nets delivers payment, card and information solutions in the Nordic countries. The company ensures that payments, invoicing and distribution of key documents to customers are done in as flexible and cost-effective a way as possible, either via electronic channels or as physical documents.” 


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