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An invoice and payment service platform

Let your customers receive invoices and documents in their preferred channel. It will increase the likelihood of receiving payments on time and minimise distribution costs.

ediEX helps you improve the quality of customer service, create loyalty and experience less churn.

​Flexible and efficient invoice payment

​Send invoices and other information to customers through a wide range of digital outbound and inbound channels. ediEX is built for scalability in regards to volume, channels, countries and new features.

Get full control

ediEX provides a strong, efficient and flexible platform that optimises your workflow.

The self-service portal gives you full control of document and invoice production, data validation, surveillance, statistics and tracking — all in real time.

Create your own templates and layouts with built in business rules to secure better data quality and reduce risk of incorrect distribution.

Key features

Your customer service can look up a case on your system and see what has been sent to the customer. This makes it possible to process cases better and faster.

Faster and better customer dialogue

Implementation normally takes six to eight weeks depending on complexity. There is no need for massive changes on your existing IT systems.

Implementation in 6-8 weeks

One point of entry to ediEX and one platform that handles all your needs when it comes to distribution of invoices and documents. You get full control of the distribution in one place.

Self-service portal for administration

ediEX is an approved invoice hotel. ediEX supports archiving of invoices and documents and gives easy access by web services.

Hotel and archive for invoices/documents

Get better data quality and reduced risk to reputation.

BI and statistics

Payment channels

Use ediEX invoice payment and get access to over a 100 different payment solutions like debit and credit cards and other mobile payment methods

Mobile payment solutions

You can use ediEX as a marketing tool for 1:1 dialogue with your customers. You can easily add marketing messages on invoices and documents.


​Standard outbound channels

ediEX connects to a wide range of outbound channels.

Direct Debit


​Landing page with PSP    

​Mobile Payment


​Digital mailboxes





Learn how to use ediEX       

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Combine ediEX with identification of your customers, and add digital signing to your business processes.

Strong customer authentification

​Identify your customers online to verify and ensure their identity. Nets offers trusted digital identities, e.g. BankID and NemID. Choose a specific digital identity or our flexible identification broker service.

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​Digital signing

Let your employees, customers and suppliers sign documents online with digital identities. It is secure, fast and convenient — and legally binding.

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​Get started with ediEX

​ediEX is a fast implemented, tailored solution adopting your systems and your datasources. Implementation normally takes six to eight weeks depending on complexity.

There is no need for massive changes in your existing IT systems.


​Morten Wiegand Larsen

Sales Manager

Stein Wulvik

​Sales Manager
M: +47 928 80 965

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​Privacy notice for ediEX and OTRS services

You can download the privacy notice for the ediEX and OTRS services here:

EdiEX privacy notice (pdf)
OTRS privacy notice (pdf)