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Nets Share

Digital customer communication and distribution of documents

Flexible and secure digital distribution — a platform for sending documents and information to your customers, employees, citizens and suppliers with options for e-Boks signing of digital contracts and two-way communication.

Nets Share is a standard solution for distribution to e-Boks, email and mail/print.

Distribute to multiple channels

With a single point of contact, you can send information and documents to your customers where they are, and via their preferred channel. Distribution is brought together in a single solution, so you do not need to print, package, send or handle different channels.



Digital and physical distribution

Mass mailings

Connection to e-Boks

Business Intelligence in e-Boks

Digital customer communication

Payments in e-Boks

Digital signing in e-Boks

Connection to Digital Post and

​Outbound channels

Send your documents to Nets Share electronically, and Nets will take care of distributing them to the preferred channel: e-Boks, e-mail and mail.

At the same time, we work together to reduce the amount of physical dispatches, minimising postage and print costs, and saving your company money.

Nets is a distributor for e-Boks

Nets Share supports the value that e-Boks offers customers, users and citizens, bringing together your important letters and documents in one place. e-Boks offers a safe, secure environment for storing personal information and documents, and easy access is ensured for the user online and on mobile devices. 

As a distributor for e-Boks, Nets wishes to offer you the best possible advantage of the possibilities available for distributing, digitising and handling letters and documents in the e-Boks user interface.

​Nets Share Direct

Nets Share Direct enables you to send documents to e-Boks directly from Word, and you can choose to have the document signed or whether it just needs to be read by the recipient(s).

The distributed document will automatically be converted into a PDF. You can also attach a PDF to the original document when you send it.

Nets Share Direct requires no integration.

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Get started

​In most cases, you will need to be set up as a sender in e-Boks. Nets will assist you with this. We also advise you about channels, and how to send your letters and documents to us from a technical point of view so we can distribute them as you wish.

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Nets Share is a flexible and secure distribution platform for sending documents and information to customers, citizens, employees and suppliers. Nets Share is a standard solution for distribution to e-Boks, email and mail/print.


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