Tax-free shopping for international customers

Offer tax-free shopping to increase the willingness to buy of your international customers. Be it a credit card or cash, our terminals automatically recognise whether your customer qualifies.

What is Tax free?

The manual effort required to fill out the tax-free form is therefore significantly reduced, and this enables faster and simpler processing at the point of sale. You can easily order our tax-free function as an additional feature for your terminal.

Your benefits as a merchant:

  • Increasing turnover: More satisfied customers and more turnover through additional purchase incentive.

  • Customer-oriented: Improved service for your foreign customers

  • Fast: Easy to use and faster processing at the POS

  • Convenient: Electronic entry of receipts without the hassle of filling them out by hand

  • Direct: Automatic recognition of tax-free authorisation for credit card payments

You can easily book our tax-free function as an additional function for your terminal and choose one of the adjacent tax-free providers.

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