A shortcut to happy customers

We know that happy customers are good for your business. They shop more, recommend you more often and are frequent visitors. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to gain loyalty. Forget all about plastic cards or other kinds of coupons.

With Nets Reward you get your very own marketing tool that enables you to reward your loyal customers with special offers and benefits – directly on their phones. An efficient way of getting easily in touch with your customers!

It's plain and simple

You don't need to worry about apps, technology or marketing. The only thing you need is 5 minutes and your phone – we’ve covered the rest. With Nets Reward you get access to more than 450.000 potential customers through the Storebox app, where they already receive digital receipts on their mobile phone every day. In the app they can easily register for loyalty programmes from their favourite stores – and your store could soon be amongst. They get personal benefits completely automatically when they shop.

Create a campaign

You decide the scope and conditions of the campaign. Maybe you want to reward frequently visitors, (those who frequently visits your store), those who shop for a certain amount, or maybe you just want to make all your customers happy. The campaign will then be rolled out in the Storebox app to everyone who has signed up for your store.

The customers shop in your store

Every time your customers use their card in your store, it’s automatically registered in the app. It’s easy to keep track of your campaign and what makes your customers happy.

They earn a digital voucher

Once customers have fulfilled the terms of your campaign, they will receive a digital voucher on their phone. For example, a free croissant, a personal discount or something else – it’s entirely up to you. The customer can then redeem the voucher at checkout next time they shop in your store.

You get happy & loyal customers

With Nets Reward it is beneficial for your customers to shop in your store. You’ll get happy customers who will return to your store over and over again. Sign up today and get started with your first loyalty programme. It’s good for your business.

You have a simple overview of your campaign, what seems to work and what makes your customers happy. Furthermore, you can easily see the ROI of your campaign.

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