Guaranteed settlement for services rendered

The indispensable solution for hotels, car rentals, and others in need of guaranteed settlement for services rendered. Pre-authorisation is used to reserve an amount on the customer’s payment card to ensure coverage of services rendered. The service is therefore suitable for hotels, rental companies and others who are in need of guaranteed settlement.

What is Pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorised amount is stored in the business’ systems, along with an identification of the customer which is linked to the customer’s payment card. “Incremental authorisation” makes it possible to increase the original amount reserved, for e.g. if a leasing period is extended. Once the payment is completed, for example at check-out in a hotel, or upon return of a rental car, the physical credit card does not need to be used. Completed transactions are available in Nets’ Merchant Portal. Pre-authorisation is provided with all Nets’ integrated payment terminals.

Pre-authorisation main features

  • Reduces financial risk through guaranteed reservation on the customer’s credit card.

  • “Incremental Authorisation” possible when needed.

  • Payment can be completed without the use of the physical credit card.

  • Possible to maintain the pre-authorised amount over time.

  • Possible to reverse pre-authorisation and incremental authorisation.

  • No card data is stored by the merchant, but in Nets’ central PCI DSS environment.

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