Optimize your workflow and serve the customer at the table

Nets’ Pay@Table solution is the perfect choice for restaurants and cafes. The mobile payment terminal integrates with the cash register (ECR) via Bluetooth, which makes it possible for the waiter to perform several ECR functions directly on the payment terminal – at the customer’s table.

Operate the restaurant ECR from the payment terminal

Pay@Table allows the waiter to end the service with the customer in the serving area. Up to seven mobile payment terminals can be connected to one base station via Bluetooth. The base station is integrated with the cash register (ECR) and enables interactive connection between the payment terminal and the cash register.

Pay@Table main features

  • Waiter login with card or manual entry of waiter code.

  • Possible to print a pre-receipt at the table.

  • Offers partial payments for customers wanting to pay for their share.

  • Easy to add tips as a part of the payment flow.

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