One click payments

Reduce your drop-out rate

With our One Click Payment service, your customers can pay quickly and easily with Visa or Mastercard. At the same time, you invite customers to come back and reduce the drop-out rate. What could be better?

A flexible solution giving you loyal customers

There are a lot of advantages of having the One Click Payment solution in your online store. First of all, it's really easy for your customers to shop via tablet or mobile phone. Secondly, it will help customers fulfilling their orders. And the best part is that you will get more loyal customers thanks to the quick-and-easy way of paying at your online store.

How does One Click Payments work?

The first transaction

The customer registers in your online store and creates a username and a password. When the customer makes their first standard card transaction, they are prompted to accept that the card data is stored. The customer makes a purchase (normal card transaction).

All subsequent transactions

The customer simply needs to log into your online store or app and accept the transaction in order to pay. The card data is stored at the PSP, and no card number is sent to or from webshop or customer, thus making the solution secure.

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