Accept foreign currencies in your webshop and increase your revenue

With our Multicurrency solution, you can accept payments in foreign currencies and have your turnover paid out in a range of foreign currencies when your international customers pay with Visa or Mastercard. Most customers prefer to pay in their own currency, because it’s easier to relate to the price. By letting your customers pay in their own currency, you will provide a better customer service and experience and attract more foreign customers. So, what could be better than happy customers and an increased income due to a bigger market? The potential is huge.

Settlement in what currency?

The transaction will be in foreign currency, and you will receive a set-off from us in the currency you prefer. The price for Multicurrency covers the currency risk that we take by converting the Visa and Mastercard transactions.

Your business will most likely earn on the service depending on which currency you convert to.

You can accept these currencies

European currencies: Switzerland (CHF), Europe (EUR), Great Britain (GBP), Denmark (DKK), Norway (NOK), Sweden (SEK), Poland (PLN) and Turkey (TRY)

Non-European currencies: Australia (AUD), Canada (CAD), Hong Kong (HKD), Japan (JPY), Mexico (MXN), New Zealand (NZD), Singapore (SGD), USA (USD) & South Africa (ZAR).

If you want Multicurrency, please contact our customer service.

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