Insights & reporting

Grow your business through customer insights

There are many different influences when making business decisions, but nothing is quite as solid as having hard data backing you up. Whether you wish to improve your customer satisfaction, marketing efforts or predict sales trends, the insights from our analytical tools can help you make decisions based on customer insights. We want to help making your business decisions just a little bit easier.

A tool for the office and on the go

As a Nets customer, you always have access to our analytical tools. You get key facts like the nationalities of tourists visiting your store, how often the same customers come back to shop again and more. Use the app when you’re on-the-go or want a quick overview - or take a deeper data dive in the portal at the office. You decide.

When you want a quick overview

In the app you can easily see:

  • The development of your card turnover

  • Which was the busiest hours during the week

  • Which countries your customers are from

  • How many returning customers you have

View your invoice repository, make transaction search and more

In addition to the quick overview, you get:

  • Settlement data for accounting

  • Transaction searches and invoice repository

  • Terminal overview to administrate terminals

  • Flexible user administration to manage user rights

Next level - compare your performance to businesses like your own

When you’re ready for next level analytics, our customized advanced solution expands the view from your own data to the world around you. In our humble opinion, we’ve gathered some valuable features that e.g. help you discover the journey of your customers beyond your sales location or see how good you’re performing compared to peer companies.

With advanced analytics you can better understand the value of your customers through their monthly spend and see how much of the spend potential your business captures – enabling you to test new offers and how they increase loyalty.

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If you’re not already a customer and want to know more about how we can support your business, please fill in your contact information and we will get back to you, typically within an hour.

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