Digital receipts done right with Storebox

Storebox brings your customers the convenience of digital receipts for in-store and online purchases. It is the largest Nordic digital receipt platform with the most developed ecosystem and over a million receipts delivered daily. Offered as a comprehensive service, it covers all elements of e-receipts, including recipient identification, line item data collection, receipt repository and presentation to the customer within an app.

Digital receipts are easy to find

Everyone knows the concept of digital receipts from their experience with online shopping, and their convenience raises the expectations for physical stores as well. Digital receipts provide a delightful surprise to environmentally conscious and digitally native customers. Of course, you will still be able to print out receipts to those customers who are not using Storebox. Storebox receipts are stored in an organized fashion and previous receipts can easily be found, for example in the case of returns.

Easy to use for merchants and customers

The customer is identified based on the payment card they have registered in the system, so you won't have to ask for an e-mail address. Identification and delivery of the receipt is done seamlessly without any involvement from the cashier. The customer receives the receipt in real time while still at the counter. Storebox receipts are delivered either to the standard Storebox app or embedded to your own app and can contain attachments such as warranty documents or user manuals of the products sold.

Marketing messages on the receipt

Storebox also opens a new channel to communicate with your customers. Per each receipt, you can deliver a promotional message of your choice, which is shown in the app along with the receipt. This way you can communicate seasonal discounts, deliver coupons or inform about new opening hours even to customers not participating in your loyalty program that have previously left no contact details.

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