Recurring Payments

With our Recurring Payments solution, your customers don't have to sign up and pay every time they order something. To sign up aton the first visit is enough. Our Recurring Payments solution is a cheap and easy payment solution if you’re sending goods or services to registered customers on a regular basis.

Subscription agreement

In order to offer your customers Recurring Payments, you must have a subscription agreement with terms that your customer can accept in order to be allowed to withdraw money from your customer's payment card automatically. With your customer's approval, you can withdraw money from the payment card when regularly sending the agreed-upon goods or services. Remember, you can never save card number, expiration date or CVC-code in your systems. 

Subscription terms

The criteria (conditions) to withdraw money from the customer's payment card and how the customer receives a receipt (e.g. e-mail). It needs to be clear that it is cardholder's responsibility and liability (what are the customer’s obligations). You terms must also include the procedure for renewing or deleting a card number (if the cardholder gets a new card) as well as the procedure for ending a subscription agreement.

How does the customer enrol?

The customer must make an active acceptance of the terms and price. You must send a written confirmation to the customer via e-mail or post every time a customer enrols or change an existing agreement. Terms and prices must be available for the customer to read when enrolling.

*Note on 3D Secure

Please note that 3D Secure is mandatory for Maestro e-commerce transactions. Therefore, Recurring Payments are not possible with Maestro. Only a few Visa Electron issuers allow recurring payments - the first transaction might be approved, and the subsequent transactions declined.

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