A checkout that lets you hustle less and sell more. Easy.

Many ecommerce businesses overspend on ads and underinvest on checkout. Funny, since the goal is not to market more, but to sell more.

A good checkout can make sure you never leave money on the table. Nets Easy helps you turn visitors into buyers and one-timers into fans.

Upgrade once and watch the numbers go up, without lifting a finger.

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Made by Nets, home to more than 170,000 customers

Turn visitors into buyers

69% of customers want to buy, but don’t. We help you help them buy

Let them pay any way they want

60% of ecom customers will drop off due to not being able to pay the way they want.

Nets Easy offers all the popular local payment methods - including cards, invoice, instalments, Swish, MobilePay and Vipps.

Welcome all shoppers

You probably already have international social media followers - time to turn them into buyers! Nets Easy will serve currencies and ways to pay they are familiar with. 68% of retailers don’t do this - an easy win for you!

Make them feel safe parting with money

Unexpected windows or inconsistent design, can feel like fraud and trigger alarm bells. Nets Easy checkout is seamless and branded to your store, making shoppers feel safe and being a reason to buy for every 8th person.

Turn one-timers into fans

Finders keepers

Shortcut their journey

Customers expect you to recognise them when they shop from you again. This includes their payment and billing information. Nets Easy’s Remember Me feature doubles the chances of you seeing repeat purchases.

Give them ultimate flexibility

Life happens and at times people simply need a product now, even if they can only pay for it later. 53% of consumers agree. Easy comes with built-in invoicing and BNPL options, so you don’t miss out on these occasions.

Make choosing you a no-brainer

62% of ecom retailers already offer subscriptions or plan to do so in the next 18 months. Don’t get left behind! Nets Easy enables subscriptions, so you can stop chasing sales and focus on your product.

Sell across any channel

Got a customer on the phone checking what’s in stock? Your answer is not the finish line. The sale is. Nets Easy’s LinkPay allows you to send them an SMS with…a link that lets them pay. There really is no other way to say that.

The techy bit

(that even non-techies understand)

We want you to spend time on your business, not the tech. So we created 8 webshop plug-ins, as easy to connect to your webshop as 123.

Have your own store? Check out our APIs documentation.

Not to brag but one guy said it’s best-in-class.

We are on your wavelength

Tired of dry and distant advisors who know nothing about the realities of running a business? Welcome to the new way - we promise lots of empathy and no buzzwords.

We get that your business simply can’t wait

E-commerce is a fierce race and customers want more, cheaper, quicker by the day. That’s why when you need answers - every minute counts. No matter how small or big your business, when you call us - we promise less hold music and more proactive solutions.

We are local, and so are our people

Our call centers are in your country, which means our Support people probably know your store and can put themselves into the shoes of your customers. And if needed, you can always pop in for a chat at a real office, meet real people, and drink some real coffee.

We’ve been doing this for decades

Nets has been helping businesses handle money since way before ecom. Next time you pay in-store, pay attention - you might see a Nets terminal. Today we use everything we have learnt over the years to give you the support you need.

Ready to sell more with Nets Easy?

All-in-one product

Payment gateway services, reconciliation and payout under one contract. Compliant with the latest security requirements. More clarity and less hassle for you.

Online portal

Wherever you are, whatever you do, all the latest stats about your business are at your fingertips. Watch it grow and be certain on where to direct your efforts.

Essential add-ons

Wherever growth takes you, Nets are ready to support you. Trial a pop-up store and accept mobile payments or use our payment terminals in a physical store.

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