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Receive payments – anywhere, anytime

With us you get everything you need to receive card payments, whether you are selling children's clothing in your store, patching punctured bikes or giving the morning-weary customers a coffee boost. The only thing you need to focus on is selling your products and services - we make sure the payments flow, with the right payment solution; all you need in one package. Wherever your ambitions take you, we’ll be there for you!

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The right terminal for your business

Easy and smooth service keeps most customers happy. A part of delivering great service includes offering payment solutions that never let you down. No matter whether you do business in your own shop or on the go, we always have a terminal that suits your needs.

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Accept the cards your customers prefer

The list of payment cards is long, but don’t worry – our payment solution has a card agreement allowing you to accept the most popular cards Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, Diners and Discover. If you need to accept more cards we can help with that too, so you can always rest assured that you customers can pay the way they prefer.

Pocket size business insights

As mentioned, elephants are not always heavy to dance with, and we really want to make your life a little easier. Our payment solution therefore gives you free access to our portal and award-winning app, where you can keep track of your payments, how your business is performing and much more.

We will be there within 4 hours if needed

Included in our medium and large payment solutions you get the best service agreement we have - our 4-hour on-site support.

This means that we fix errors in your terminal quickly should you experience any disruption. If we can't find a solution over the phone, a technician will visit you at your place of business within 4 hours. If we are unable to correct the error during the visit, we will instantly replace your terminal at no extra cost to you. Your payments must go smoothly, and that is our responsibility.

The right choice for you

When choosing a payment solution, it is important to find the price, service and technical support that suits your particular business. Choose between Small, Medium or Large and get the combination that suits you best.


Payments, quite simply

Subscription from299 DKK/per month

from 0.89% per transaction


When you need support outside office-hours

Subscription from349 DKK/per month

from 0.79% per transaction


When you want it all

Subscription from459 DKK/per month

from 0.69% per transaction

Mobile phone with Easy checkout

Add online payment for only DKK 75 per month

If you have both a physical store and a webshop, you can add our online payment solution to your package. By gathering your payment solutions in on place, you get a much simpler setup. With our online checkout you get:

  • a simple payment flow that increases your conversion rate

  • easy administration and payout

  • the payment methods your customers prefer

  • Plug & Play integration to the biggest e-commerce systems

  • easy adaption to your brand’s visual design

  • market leading security and uptime

Let's get in touch!

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