Payment terminals

A payment terminal for all merchants and all needs

Whether you’re at the counter or on the move, we make it simple to accept cards and mobile payments. Our terminal packages include everything you need to accept cards.

Mobile terminal

Ideal for everyone who needs to bring the payment terminal to the customer and for businesses on the go.

With a mobile payment terminal your stores will always be online, regardless of the connectivity type. It can be used in 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth modes and even paired with compatible tablet or cloud based mobile ECRs.

Stationary terminal

Perfect for smaller retail stores like, bicycle stores, florists and galleries and personal care, e.g. hairdressers, wellness and healthcare selling over the counter.

With our stationary payment terminal, you get fast printing of receipts, clearly marked NFC area, large color screen and backlit keys. It provides fast transactions and reduces PIN entry errors - especially in places with poor lighting.

Payment terminal for ECR integration

The right payment terminal for large retail stores and super markets and other merchants with a high transaction volume and need for integration with the ECR. Ensures fast processing of transactions to minimize queues – for the benefit of customers, sales assistants, and merchants.

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