Payment terminals

A payment terminal for all merchants and all needs

Whether you’re at the counter or on the move, we make it simple to accept cards and mobile payments. When renting a card terminal from us, you get everything you need to be able to offer your customers an easy and secure payment.

Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal is ideal for everyone who needs to bring the payment terminal to the customer at their table – like restaurants and cafés, and for businesses on the go, who need a terminal for e.g. fairs and festivals.

With a mobile payment terminal your stores will always be online, regardless of the connectivity type. It can be used in 4G, wi-fi and Bluetooth modes and even paired with compatible tablet or cloud based mobile ECRs.

Stationary terminal

A stationary terminal is perfect for smaller stores like florists, hairdressers, and dentists, where payments are made at the counter.

With our stationary payment terminal, you get fast printing of receipts, clearly marked NFC area for contactless payments, large colour screen and backlit keys. It provides fast transactions and reduces PIN entry errors - especially in places with poor lighting.

Payment terminal for integration with your cash register

An integrated card terminal is ideal for those who have many daily transactions and need integration with a cash register or cash register system - also called ECR. The solution ensures fast transactions, which minimizes queues at the checkout - for the benefit of both your customers and your revenue.

A terminal that suits your needs

As you can see in the description above, we offer several different types of card terminals, so you can choose the solution that suits your business. When choosing a terminal, consider whether you need your terminal to be mobile so you can accept payments anywhere in your store or even bring it along when visiting your customers.

You can also choose between two stationary terminals. Most merchants prefer the stand-alone stationary terminal, that isn't connected to the cash register, but you can also choose a terminal integrated with a cash register system, which means you fast and easy can handle the terminal from your cash register.

The highest level of security

We know that you have a natural desire to protect both your business and your customers from payment fraud. We constantly focus on preventing financial crime. With a payment terminal from Nets, you are therefore guaranteed to get a product that meets the evolving requirements for security standards in the payment market.

All our payment terminals are furthermore suitable for card payments with Visa, Mastercard and other payment cards. The NFC-technology also enables mobile payments with e.g. Apple Pay and Google Pay, as long as you have an acquiring agreement.

Let's find the right card terminal together

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