Let your customers pay with the cards they prefer

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Receive all common payment cards

Let your customers pay with a wide range of payment cards – including the local ones.

Get access to a suite of value-added services

From business insights and loyalty drivers to top and bottom line growth.

Quick payouts

Your money can be in your account within 48 hours.

Choose the right acquiring agreement for your business

As payment geeks we have a tendency to use some technical expressions. For instance, the card acceptance agreement you need in order to receive your customers’ payment cards is actually called an ‘acquiring agreement’.

It’s through the acquiring agreement that you choose specifically which card types you want to accept, and it’s also the link between your customers’ payments and your bank account – so it’s a key element in your total payment solution. 

With an acquiring agreement from us, we’ll ensure that there’s always coverage for your customers’ payments and that the funds are transferred quickly and easily to the right account. In addition you will get the option to add a number of value-added services and our dedicated anti-fraud monitoring team ensure an increased level of security in your payment flows. 

All of this is what makes us the right choice for more than 300.000 businesses in the Nordics – and surely also for your business.

"Yes of course we accept that card"

You are probably familiar with it. There’s one card in your wallet that is used more than others – a favorite card. Your customers also have such a favorite card and with many different customers there are lots of different favorite cards.

With us you can get acquiring agreements on all common card types, including the local ones. And with these agreements in place you can rest assured that your customers always can pay with exactly the card they prefer.

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