Get a price offer when you order an acquiring agreement

Your prices will be individual based on facts about your company and transaction data. When you order an agreement online you will receive a price quotation in the process.

Application Danish merchants

Application Norwegian merchants

Application Swedish merchants

Maximum service fees per in-store transaction

Referring to paragraph 3, section 2 in the consolidation Act number 1411 of 28 December 2011, regarding fees for accepting in-store payment card transactions, Nets is obliged to publish the maximum transaction fee for Danish merchants for each payment card type.

No customer is in fact paying the maximum service fee on all card types. The listed service fees are not standard prices and they do not show what Nets' customers are actually paying per transaction. We show these prices to meet the legal requirements.

The service fee is a percentage of the transaction amount dependant on card type. The service fee includes the interchange fee Nets pays to card issuer. See the maximum service fees here

Please contact our local customer service for more information about prices or apply for an agreement and get a price quotation.

Multi-lateral Interchange Fees

Visa Europe has informed the card acquirers in Europe about the agreement they have made with The European Commission. The Commission has approved a suggestion from Visa about interchange fees showing a more detailed fee split. The purpose of the agreement is to make the structure of the transaction fee more comprehensible for the merchants.

Find more information at Visa Europe’s website

The following applies when choosing Multi-lateral Interchange Fees (MIF ++):

  • Visa don’t change interchange fees and therefore Nets don’t change transaction fees
  • Your settlement notification will show 3 Visa fees instead of one
  • The Visa agreement only applies to Visa cards

There is an administration fee when signing up for Multi-lateral Interchange Fees (MIF ++). The fee covers extra costs for the new set-up.

If you want this service, please contact our customer service.


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