Terms & conditions for your Nets payment solutions

On this page, you can find general terms and conditions, security requirements etc. and special rules regarding in-store payments, e-commerce, UAT/CAT and mail- and telephone order.

Terms and conditions - terminal rental and Netaxept agreement

Payment terminals

Terms and Conditions - payment terminals - all countries  


Terms and conditions - Netaxept - Finnish customers

Terms and conditions - Netaxept - Swedish customers

Terms and conditions - Netaxept - Danish customers 


Terms and conditions - acquiring agreements

The acquiring agreement cannot be used for

  • activities that can harm the brand and image of Nets or the international card organisations
  • morally or ethically incorrect purposes or purposes conflicting with the country's laws or regulations
  • debt collection

Formal requirements

In order to apply for a merchant agreement for international payment cards, you must meet the general requirements listed below:

  • You must be able to prove that your level of income and personal assets are acceptable 
  • We reserve the right to obtain solvency information from your bank. In certain cases, you may be required to provide a collateral 
  • You must use a terminal/payment solution certified by Nets

Terms and conditions - acquiring  

For acceptance of American Express, these terms and conditions shall apply with Nets Denmark A/S as the agreement party

Merchant instructions

Webshop requirements

Security in connection with card payments

When accepting payment cards you are responsible for meeting the security requirements. You have to meet the PCI-requirements and make sure you live up to the rest of the security requirements for secure payments.

Read more about secure card payments

Information about PCI-requirements

Amendments to your agreement - from Nets

Nets may amend the agreement, including payment quarantee limits, by providing one month notice. This period may be shorter if the amendments stems from an official requirement or is of major importance to security.

Special rules for in-store payments

In connection with in store payments, you must be aware of the requirements to the terminals. The requirements help ensure secure payments.

Rules for payment solutions

  • All terminals must be chip enabled
  • All terminals must be able to accept payments offline in connection with breakdown
  • All new payment solutions must be PA-DSS compliant (ask your terminal supplier)

Chip and PIN - avoid fallback 

A fallback transaction is a magstripe transaction made with a chip card in a chip enabled terminal. With fall back transactions, Nets may withdraw the amount from your account in case of a dispute. 
Always ask the cardholder to use chip three times before using magstripe. 

Read more about dispute handling in the terms

Do not refuse to accept cards without chip

If the card does not have a chip, transactions can be made with the magstripe. In this situation, issuer is responsible in case of dispute. You must accept payment cards with only magstripe. 


Be aware that each country has different legislation concerning surcharge. If you opt to surcharge, information must be both posted and visible in order for the cardholder to make a qualified decision prior to completing the transaction. The surcharge amount may not exceed the merchant service charge paid to the acquirer. 

Special rules for transactions in unattended terminals

When the cardholder purchases goods or services in cardholder activated terminals (CAT/UAT), the merchant cannot see or approve the customer. Therefore, there are special rules in order to maintain security and safety for both the customer and your merchant.

Cardholder activated terminals (CAT/ UAT) can be used for a number of different purposes, e.g. parking, bridge tolls, fuel, goods and car washes.

General requirements for CAT/ UAT

All solutions must be able to read chip, and as a rule, all solutions must be equipped with a PIN pad for security reasons. All solutions must fulfill the requirements of PCI. Self-service machines must not print vouchers or pay out cash.

PIN requirements for CAT/ UAT

  • All terminals that do not use PIN must be approved by Nets
  • The customer must able to enter a PIN when using Visa and Maestro in CAT/ UAT
  • An exemption may be granted for Visa in special cases, such as at bridges
  • Mastercard requires that all transactions over EUR 50 are PIN transactions
  • Any exemption will be granted to the individual company for the specific payment solution
  • If you replace your equipment, you must re-apply for any exemption

Read the Merchant instructions for more information - you find it at the top of this page