Secure card transactions

When accepting payment cards, you are obliged to secure your business against fraud in the best possible way. You can do a number of things to secure your business as well as your customers against fraud.

You must secure that it is the cardholder paying with the payment card

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether it is the correct cardholder who uses the card. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee refund of your money even if the transaction has been accepted. We can advise and help you take precautions. However, it is your decision whether you decide to deliver goods and/or services to the customer in case of doubt.

Some good advice to avoid situations of fraud

We can provide you with some important advice on what to pay particular attention to in connection with trading. Remember, you need to take different precautions in relation to in-store payments/unattended terminals and E-commerce/MOTO payments.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – a security standard that ensures your business

When you accept payment cards, you must comply with the requirements in PCI DSS which the international card companies have devised. Suppliers, who develop and sell equipment for reception of payment cards, must comply with the standard.

[Read more about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard](/pci)

Learn how to prevent fraud by reading about fraud trends

Nets contributes to your safety by fraud surveillance and collaborating with the police as well as international card companies in order to reduce and solve card fraud. In this way, Nets obtains great knowledge about card fraud – knowledge which we gladly share with you.

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