Get SCA ready

Make sure that you have 3D Secure activated for online card payments.

All non-compliant transactions could now be declined by card issuers.

How does SCA impact online payments?

The good news is there is no change to in-store payments. They will stay the same as today. However, the online payment journey is changing.​

The EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) brings in new laws to improve consumer rights and reduce online fraud. A key element of PSD2 is the introduction of additional security authentication for all online transactions initiated by consumers, known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). ​

For card payments that means using 3D Secure authentication for Visa and Mastercard payments, or the equivalent for other credit and debit cards. 3D Secure authentication analyses the transaction details and ensures that it is the consumer who is making the purchase, and not a fraudster. This means that sometimes a consumer will need to make an action to prove this, such as entering a SMS one-time passcode. This sometimes happens today; SCA requirements now standardise this across Europe.

What do you need to do?

If Nets is your Payment Gateway Provider (PSP) and you use our Netaxept, DIBS D2 or DT platforms then you need to do 2 things:​ ​

1. Activate 3D Secure if you have not already, by emailing eCommerce Support, and we will set it up for you in just a few minutes.​

Denmark: ​

Sweden: ​



2. Check your Card on File and Recurring payments are setup correctly by checking the techsite for your NetaxeptD2 or DT platforms. Developers can find the API specifications here.​

If Nets does not provide your online payment platform/gateway, then you must contact your online Payment platform / Gateway Provider to activate 3D Secure.

Your checkout flow will change with SCA

  1. Initiate a payment. The customer adds their card details and completes the checkout form.

  2. Trigger authentication. Where SCA is required, a 3D Secure process will be used to authenticate the customer. This authentication can be completed through a number of methods, such as a one-time password or a Mobile authentication App. This process varies depending on the methods supported by the customer’s bank. See animations below.

  3. Complete a payment Once 3D Secure has confirmed the customer’s identity the card can be charged.

EASY does everything so you don’t have to worry

If you are an EASY platform customer you are​​

  • Automatically activated for 3D Secure ​​

  • Automatically upgraded to the latest version of 3D Secure, when it’s available ​​

  • Have access to the most sophisticated SCA solutions to ensure frictionless payments.

Authentication through an App

Payment with an SCA exemption such as a low value payment or with Issuer TRA via EMV 3DS

Tell your staff and customers about SCA and what is changing

You might want to talk to your staff about Strong Customer Authentication, so they know what to expect.  ​​

You may also want to think about adding some content to your online customer journey so that your customers know about SCA and expect to be asked for additional information when making a payment, and how this helps to protect them from fraud.