Because happy customers are good for your business

    Happy customers are good for you and your business

    Happy customers shop more, recommend you more often and are frequent visitors. The good customer experience is not far away. It can be the smile you are welcomed with, the service you receive or simply a free cup of coffee. Coupons, campaigns and plastic loyalty cards are often time consuming and difficult to handle. Today there are apps, loyalty programs, marketing, social media and so much more. Often, they can be both expensive and complicated. That’s why we have made it easy for you to generate more loyalty for your business without taking up too much of your time and money. Happy customers are good for your business. That`s what we call plug and play loyalty.

    Add more loyalty with digital coupons and vouchers

    You don`t need to hand out loyalty cards, which you need to stamp every time– all Card purchases are registered in the App and vouchers and coupons are stored automatically. You decide if you want to reward customers who visit you often or spend high amounts.

    Access more than 450,000 potential customers.

    More than 450,000 consumers have already downloaded the Storebox app. They receive digital receipts on their mobile phone every day. The app also gives them an easy way to register for loyalty programmes from their favourite stores, and get personal benefits completely automatically when they shop.
    If you want to experience the benefits for yourself, we’ve made it easy. It’s all ready and waiting – technology, marketing, apps and users!

    NetsReward is your very own marketing channel. It lets you reach out and communicate directly with your customers.

    You create a campaign

    Your customer makes a purchase

    The customer earns a digital voucher

    You get happy and loyal customers

    You don’t need to know anything about marketing or IT.

    A mobile phone and five minutes is all you need. We have the app, the technology and marketing tools ready to use. Without all the difficult or expensive stuff.

    It doesn’t come any cheaper than this!

    You only pay EUR 59 per month, and there are no other maintenance, operational or marketing costs.

    It’s probably the cheapest solution on the market


    What do my customers have to do?

    They simply download the Storebox app. They’ll be up and running in no time at all.

    What do I have to do

    Simply sign up, and you’ll be good to go. Everything can be done online.

    How much does it cost?

    You pay just EUR 59 per month – that’s all. We give you a three-month trial period.

    Do I need to be a customer?

    Yes, you must be a customer of Nets to sign up.

    Do I need to integrate to the registry?

    No, it requires no integration.

    Can I get technical support?

    Yes, we offer technical support via Nets Customer Service.

    What rewards can I provide?

    You decide what you want to give, and what your customers need to do to get benefits.

    Can I use my own logo?

    Yes, you add your own image and logo for your store so your customers can always find you.

    Does it also work with cash?

    No, NetsReward only works with payment cards.

    Can I track the statistics?

    Yes, you can follow your campaigns at any time and see how they’re performing.

    Ready to get started?

    Curious to know more? Any questions? Or just keen to get started? Please call us on tel: +45 72112036 or fill in your details below.

    Remember, you get a free three-month trial period.