Become part of the Nets' partner program

Get a tailor made partner agreement that suits you and your business. We advise you on your customers' payment setup while you earn money in collaboration with Nets


Get a stronger business and earn money with Nets

As a Nets partner, you get a number of benefits while earning money by referring customers, selling Nets solutions and you have the opportunity to get a fixed percentage of your merchants' revenue.

Enter an established partnership

As an official Nets partner, you have the opportunity to use our logo and sales material, for instance on your website or in email. You will also get a stamp of approval by Nets on our website, where customers are referred to for further advice. 

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Get (even) wiser on e-commerce

Another benefit of our partner program is that you have the opportunity to participate in all partner events held by Nets across the Nordic countries.

As a partner you can also get

  1. Marketing and exposure to our customers

  2. A personal Nets adviser, who can educate you on payment setups

  3. A dedicated partner contact who knows your business

  4. Relevant partner and product news as well as event invitations directly in your inbox


Get a partner agreement that matches your needs

We have a wide network of partners in many industries and of different business types.


As a reseller you become a dealer of Nets payment solutions. This means that you get your customers set up on one of our payments solutions and the startup is made easier for the customers as they'll have one less supplier to consider. With this solution, Nets will invoice you and you will in turn invoice your customer. 



As a referral partner, you will receive commission for each Nets customer you have referred. This is the solution for you who do not want continous contact with your customers. If you refer a customer to our newest payment solution, Easy, you get an extra profit, as you get a fixed percentage of the webshop's revenue. 

"We are always looking for new partners, please contact us and find out what partner agreement is the right one for your business."

Michael, Nets partner-manager