Accept international cards in your webshop

    What you get

    • Accept card payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express & JCB
    • 24/7 customer service in your local language - as the only provider we offer technical support around the clock
    • Statistics of your store's card turnover with our MyPayments App
    • Acess to MyNets portal where you get an overview of your transactions

    Please contact us if you rather want to order from one of our sales consultants.

    Order an acquiring agreement today

    If you're planning to open a webshop, we can help you with everything you need to accept online payments. There are many different payment cards, where Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express are among the most popular. When you accept several different card types, you increase both your customer service and your turnover. To do so you need an acquiring agreement for online transactions.

    How do I order?

    With an acquiring agreement from us, you can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & JCB.

    You apply online. Note that there are a few differences in the information you need to provide within the Nordic and Baltic countries. Read more here.

    When you apply for an agreement via our online application, you will receive a price quotation based on your company details and the estimated turnover.

    Additional services to improve your business

    Easy and convenient online payments for your loyal customers

    Recurring Payments With our Recurring Payments solution your customers can easily pay for goods/services without doing anything but signing up at first visit. You increase customer convenience and avoid sending out invoices and follow up on payments. Initiate the transaction when sending the goods/services.

    One Click Payments Use our One Click Payments solution and make it easy, fast and convenient for your customers to pay at your webshop. The customer register card information at first transaction for future One Click Payments. Convenience will reduce your drop-out rate and increase the number of loyal customers.

    Multicurrency By offering your foreign customers to pay in their own currency, your webshop will appear more available and attractive. At the same time you can choose settlement in your preferred currency. Read more about Multicurrency.

    Please contact us if you rather want to order from one of our sales consultants.

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    Need a terminal?

    Integrated terminal

    optimized for fast checkout. Meet the needs of intense and high-volume transactions and integration to ECR

    • Stable and reliable
    • Improved look
    • Requires minimum counter space
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    Stationary terminal

    The right terminal for merchants with a low transaction volume

    • Stable and reliable
    • Meets the highest security requirements
    • Fresh user experience
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    Mobile Bluetooth terminal

    The perfect choice for merchants with mobility needs

    • Stable and reliable
    • Improved look
    • Meets all security standards
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