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What is an acquiring agreement?

An acquiring agreement is what makes your payment terminal able to accept specific card types and the purchase made from the card to your terminal. Depending on what agreement you have, different cards will be available for you.

How many agreements are needed?

With Nets as your provider you will be able to accept the most popular cardtypes and only one acquiring agreement is needed per physical shop. Though if you have a webshop be in mind that an online acquiring agreement needs to be in place as well.

What do I need to get started?

If you are starting up a new shop, you will need a payment terminal for the payment and an acquiring agreement for the transactions to go through. If you do not own a terminal please check our bundle solutions for an easy way to get started.

Recurring payments

With our Recurring Payments solution your customers can easily pay for goods/services without doing anything but signing up at first visit. You increase customer convenience and avoid sending out invoices and follow up on payments. Initiate the transaction when sending the goods/services.

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One Click Payments

Use our One Click Payments solution and make it easy, fast and convenient for your customers to pay at your webshop. The customer register card information at first transaction for future One Click Payments. Convenience will reduce your drop-out rate and increase the number of loyal customers.

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By offering your foreign customers to pay in their own currency, your webshop will appear more available and attractive. At the same time you can choose settlement in your preferred currency. Read more about Multicurrency.

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Nets is a Nordic-based payment service provider. The company has been known as Nets since 2010, but has a history that goes back to 1968.


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