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    5 ways to make the most out of Black Friday and Christmas sales

    • Retail
    • Business Insights
    • In-store
    Black Friday is soon here, with shoppers everywhere searching for good deals. The day marks the starting point for the entire Christmas sales. We have collected here some ideas that help you get the m...

    Spring cleaning: make room for Nets Pay!

    • Technical Tips
    • Online
    • In-store
    Since we started simplifying payments with our first complete bundles a couple years ago, we have learned lots about what makes business easy for our merchants. So just like at home, we’ve been doing ...

    How to start a business from scratch

    • Start your own business
    Planning on starting your own business? We’ve made a guide with 5 essential steps you should go through to get your business off the ground. If you're looking for a guide specifically for opening a we...

    How to open a shop

    • Start your own business
    • In-store
    Do you want to open a store or a café, but don´t really know where to start? When you open a shop from scratch, you’re in charge of making all the decisions. This is fun, but also challenging, and the...

    Your checklist before the tourist season begins

    • Business Insights
    • Tourism
    • Retail
    • Personal Care
    • In-store
    People have already started planning their summer holidays and searching for travel destinations, so you should be well on your way in preparing for the upcoming season as well. This short checklist w...

    The one change that will bring more Chinese tourists to your shop

    • Tourism
    • Chinese credit cards
    A study commissioned by Nets looked into the customer behavior of Chinese tourists and the profitability of offering UnionPay as one of the accepted payment methods. The data came from both merchants ...

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