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      5 ways to make the most out of Black Friday and Christmas sales

      • Retail
      • Business Insights
      • In-store
      Black Friday is soon here, with shoppers everywhere searching for good deals. The day marks the starting point for the entire Christmas sales. We have collected here some ideas that help you get the m...

      Rethinking the physical gift card

      • Online
      Conventional gift cards remain popular even with SMS and app-based gift certificates entering the market. In fact, the physical card has many benefits that are worth thinking about when you consider y...

      Everything you need to know about subscription based businesses

      • Online
      • Retail
      According to recent reports, subscription based businesses, like Spotify and Netflix, are growing 5-9 times faster than the market. Waking up to this reality, major retailers and other businesses are ...

      How to open a shop

      • Start your own business
      • In-store
      Do you want to open a store or a café, but don´t really know where to start? When you open a shop from scratch, you’re in charge of making all the decisions. This is fun, but also challenging, and the...

      Omni-channel payments enable new business models and improve the customer experience

      • Online
      • Omnichannel
      • Business Insights
      • In-store
      What would it mean for your business if there was better interoperability between the store, mobile, online and self-service sales channels? What possibilities could be unlocked by using one payment p...

      How payments work in subscription businesses

      • Online
      • Business Insights
      • Subscriptions
      How payments work in subscription businesses Last time we wrote about the benefits of subscription based business models over some traditional approaches. This week we take a deep dive into how subsc...

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