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      How to open a shop

      • Start your own business
      • In-store
      Do you want to open a store or a café, but don´t really know where to start? When you open a shop from scratch, you’re in charge of making all the decisions. This is fun, but also challenging, and the...

      Omni-channel payments enable new business models and improve the customer experience

      • Online
      • Omnichannel
      • Business Insights
      • In-store
      What would it mean for your business if there was better interoperability between the store, mobile, online and self-service sales channels? What possibilities could be unlocked by using one payment p...

      Everything you need to know about subscription based businesses

      • Online
      • Retail
      According to recent reports, subscription based businesses, like Spotify and Netflix, are growing 5-9 times faster than the market. Waking up to this reality, major retailers and other businesses are ...

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