Payment terminals for all merchants
and all needs

Countertop terminal

Countertop terminal iCT250E suits all merchants selling from a fixed point of sale. The terminal can be used standalone or integrated with ECR.

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Mobile GPRS terminal

The best choice for merchants on the move! Mobile iWL250G is ideal for anyone who needs to bring the terminal to the customer.

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Mobile Bluetooth terminal

The perfect choice for restaurants, cafés and other merchants with mobility needs within own premises. Mobile iWL250B can be integrated with ECR.

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Integrated terminal

Integrated terminal iPP350 is the right terminal for merchants with a high transaction volume and need for integration with the ECR.

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Unattended terminal

Nets' unattended terminal modules: Card reader, PIN pad and/or Contactless reader that enable self-service at unattended points of sale.

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All-in-one solution

Payment terminal plus Visa and MasterCard acceptance in one agreement – with a simple price model. Choose between Nets Pay and Nets Pay+.

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The right payment terminal for your business

Whether you’re at the counter or on the move, we make it simple to accept card payments. Our terminal packages include everything you need to accept cards.

  • Nets software (Technology by Nets)
  • Possibility to accept all standard payment cards and methods – including contactless and mobile payments
  • Optional swap service (quick replacement of inoperative terminal) 
  • Rental terminal replacement if security requirements change

Our payment terminals fit all types of businesses; from small shops, clubs and associations to national or Nordic chains. With payment terminal from Nets, you have access to the market's best support and service offerings.

Small and medium businesses

We offer integrated, countertop and mobile payment terminals:

  • Integrated terminal must be integrated with the ECR
  • Countertop terminal is for fixed points of sale and can be used standalone or integrated with ECR
  • Mobile terminal is perfect for merchants who need to bring the terminal to the customer
  • 24 hour customer service, every day

Large businesses and retail chains

Most retail chains wish to deal with only one supplier when it comes to payment solutions. We offer uniform, Nordic solutions for retail chains and other businesses that consider the entire Nordic region their home market. We are continuously developing new services and functionalities to  meet our customers' needs. Our solutions comply with all national and international security standards. 

More information and ordering

If you want more information about our payment terminals or wish to talk to one of our sales consultants, please contact our Sales Department. You can order payment terminals in our web shop. Please note that you need both a payment terminal and a card agreement to be able to receive card payments. 

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