Get a payment terminal and acquiring in one agreement!
Get paid fast and easy in your store

All-in-one payment solution for shops

Our all in one payment solutions Nets Pay and Nets Pay+ are suitable for the majority of small and medium sized businesses, and include everything you need to accept card payments and NFC mobile payments: a payment terminal with card acquiring agreements with Visa, Mastercard, JCB and UnionPay. Simply choose between Nets Pay with a low monthly fee and fixed transaction costs, or Nets Pay+ which has includes pre-paid transactions up to a fixed value in exchange for a slightly higher monthly fee.

Nets Pay og Nets Pay+ have numerous benefits included:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Access to the MyNets portal with a transaction and settlement overview
  • Free postal swap service + new terminal in the event of security upgrade requirements
  • Countertop or Wireless payment terminal ready to accept contactless payments


Choose between two solutions

We offer two different solutions depending on your business needs. Nets Pay is suitable for startups and existing businesses with variable transaction volumes. Nets Pay+ is suitable for businesses with predicable and/or established card sales volumes and benefits them by fixing monthly costs by pre-paying for transactions at a discounted rate.

Ordering Nets Pay and Nets Pay+

You can order our all in-one-solutions through or portal or by contacting our sales team. When we have approved your application for a card acquiring agreement you will be sent an email with your merchant number. We will also then send out a welcome letter and window stickers for your shop, which you can stick by your entrydoor or cash register to show customers which cards you accept. As soon as you receive your payment terminal, you’re ready to accept card payments!

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