In-store services that help our customers with payments and transactional overview

    The end of lost receipts

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    Storebox brings your customers the convenience of digital receipts for in-store and online purchases. It is the largest Nordic digital receipt platform with the most developed ecosystem and over a million receipts delivered daily. Offered as a comprehensive service, it covers all elements of e-receipts, including recipient identification, line item data collection, receipt repository and presentation to the customer within an app.

    Improved customer experience with easy to find digital receipts

    Most people know the concept of digital receipts from their experience with online shopping, and their convenience raises the expectations for physical stores as well. Digital receipts provide a delightful surprise to environmentally conscious and digitally native customers. Of course, you will still be able to print out receipts to those customers who are not using Storebox.

    But Storebox goes further than traditional e-mail based solutions, which fill up the mailbox with unstructured receipts. Storebox receipts are stored in an organized fashion and previous receipts can easily be found, for example in the case of returns.

    So easy to use for both merchants and customers

    The customer is identified based on the payment card they have registered to the system. This solves the essential problem of e-receipts; how to know who to send the receipt to without spending time to ask for e-mail addresses. Identification and delivery of the receipt is done seamlessly on the background without any involvement from the cashier. The customer receives the receipt in real time while still at the counter.

    Storebox receipts are delivered either to the standard Storebox app or embedded to your own app, and can contain attachments such as warranty documents or user manuals of the products sold.

    Marketing messages on the receipt - one more opportunity to communicate to your customers

    Storebox also opens a new channel to communicate with your customers. Per each receipt, you can deliver a promotional message of your choice, which is shown in the app along with the receipt. This way you can communicate seasonal discounts, deliver coupons or inform about new opening hours even to customers not participating in your loyalty program that have previously left no contact details.

    This is how easy you get started with Storebox

    • Have your cashier system provider implement the Storebox API that manages collection of sold item data
    • Invite your customers to download the app and register their frequently used payment cards there
    • Once a registered card is inserted to the payment terminal, the customer is identified seamlessly and without cashier involvement
    • The receipt is delivered to the customers’ Storebox app along with a promotional message of your choice

    Find more information about Storebox on their website

    Prepaid and gift cards

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    Gift cards can be a significant driver to your sales and customer loyalty, and help introduce new customers to your stores. Customers that have received a gift card typically spend larger amounts than the value loaded on the card. With Nets, you get the full setup from one partner for both your stores and webshop.

    Gift card solution for both webshops and stores

    The gift card solution from Nets covers everything from card manufacturing to use and balance management through a single partner. The cards and accompanying sleeve packs are branded to your corporate identity, the cards can be loaded up to the desired amount and used incrementally both in Nets terminals and Netaxept enabled webshops. A purchase can be paid for in part with a gift card and complemented with any other form of payment. Customers can be provided information about their remaining balances both in-store and online.

    Retain ownership of loaded value

    The loaded sum is transferred to your account in full at the time of loading and a commission is charged only for the load value. You can book any value that is left on the cards when they expire fully as your revenue. This simplifies administration and improves your business case of starting to offer gift cards.

    Simplify your gift card infrastructure

    Gift card transactions are reported in Merchant Portal like other card payments, and you also get a central view of balances and validity periods of your entire gift card portfolio. The service runs on the payment terminal infrastructure to keep changes to the ECR at minimum. Nets hosts the card database, tracks card usage and prevents overspend independently of the ECR. The same setup can be delivered in all the Nordic countries with Nets providing local support.

    Read more about the Merchant Portal

    Accept payments in customers own currency (DCC)

    Do you have many foreign customers in your store? Then we can offer Dynamic Currency Conversion for your business! By offering your foreign customers to pay in their own currency, you might increase the turnover and offer even better customer service. Read more about the benefits with Dynamic Currency Conversion below.

    Better service and happier foreign customers with DCC

    With Dymanic Currency Conversion from Nets, you can offer your customers to pay in their own currency with their Visa and Mastercard. This will give you happier customers and you offer them even better service! The foreign customers feel more at "home" and secure when they know the exact price on the purchase, and this might increase their desire to buy even more in your store.

    Business travellers and tourists appreciate DCC. Business travellers are able to write up accurate travel expenses immediately, which benefits both the business traveller and the company. They know the rate right away. Tourists, who are often only in the country for a short time, do not need to worry about exchange rates.

    Advantages for your customers with DCC

    • They can pay in their familiar, home currency.
    • They feel “at home” and confident, and this could potentially encourage them to buy more.
    • No uncertainty concerning the final price.

    We offer the most commonly used currencies: NOK, SEK, DKK, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY and USD. In addition we can offer several other currencies, please contact us for the entire list. The carholder will be charged in the local currency of the country where the transaction takes place if they chose not to pay in their own currency.

    Now with "Best rate guarantee"

    We guarantee to offer the best available exchange rate. The customer can send in a claim regarding the Exchange Rate given by Nets. If this is higher than the one the customer would have been given trough their own bank.

    Increase your income on DCC transactions

    The DCC service leads to happier customers, but it is also makes it possible for you to increase your turnover. You earn an extra 1 % of the transaction amount with every DCC transaction. Our experience confirms that a foreign currency turnover at 500.000 DKK, will bring in an extra 3.500 DKK.

    Download product sheet about DCC

    The customers must choose the currency

    When the customers are paying with their Visa or Mastercard, they will be asked to choose to pay in the local currency or their own currency on the terminal. You only send a DCC transaction if the cardholder has agreed to pay in their own currency. Note that you will receive the payment in your local currency.

    How to get started with accepting payments in foreign currencies

    1.Contact your payment terminal provider

    2.Your terminal provider will upgrade your terminal with the DCC functionality (if your terminal is set up to manage DCC). Your terminal provider can guide you how to manage the DCC transactions.

    3.When your provider has upgraded the settings, you're ready to receive transactions in eight different currencies.

    NB: If you have an integrated solution, you have to contact your POS supplier.

    Pay@Table – for restaurants and cafés

    Nets’ Pay@Table solution optimises the workflow in restaurants and cafes. The mobile payment terminal integrates with the cash register (ECR) via Bluetooth, which makes it possible for the waiter to perform several ECR functions directly on the payment terminal – at the customer’s table.

    Operate the restaurant ECR from the payment terminal

    Pay@Table allows the waiter to end the service with the customer in the serving area. Up to seven iWL250B mobile payment terminals can be connected to one base station via Bluetooth. The base station is integrated with the cash register (ECR) and enables interactive connection between the payment terminal and the cash register.

    The mobile payment terminal iWL250B supports reading of cards and NFC-devices through contactless, chip or magnetic stripe, and is designed to fulfill the highest hardware security requirements in the market (PCI PTS 3.X).

    Pay@Table main features

    • Waiter login with card or manual entry of waiter code

    • Possible to print a pre-receipt at the table

    • Offers partial payments for customers wanting to pay for their share

    • Various ways to receive or search for the bills:

    • Check by table provides a list of open bills in order with table numbers

    • Check by table# shows a list of open bills at the requested table

    • Check by names provides the list of tables that have a name in POS vendors’ server

    • Customer receipt with order specifications

    • Easy to add tips as a part of the payment flow

    • Cash and lunch vouchers can be used for partial payments

    Order Pay@Table from one of our customer consultants

    Download product sheet with technical data

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    Digital coupons

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