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Accepting payments
Accepting payments

Accept card payments in your store – get an acquiring agreement today

If you're planning to open a shop, a cafe, sell from your ice cream van or something similar then for all of these businesses you need to be able to receive payments. We offer everything you need to accept in-store payments. To accept card payments you need an acquiring agreement for in-store transactions.

How do I order an acquiring agreement?

With an acquiring agreement from us, you can accept Mastercard, Visa, JCB and UnionPay – all of them in one single agreement.

To apply you have to fill in an online application. Note that there are different applications within the Nordic countries and outside the Nordic countries. The information you are required to provide, varies from each country. Read more details on this page - Before ordering an acquiring agreement.

If your business is located outside the Nordic countries, but within Europe, you can also apply for an agreement. Please be aware that applications from companies registered outside the Nordic countries will be risk evaluated separately, and this will take longer to process. See more under Solutions for large customers.

Our prices vary from country to country and from one solution to another. When you apply for an agreement via our online application, you will receive a price quotation based on your company details and the estimated turnover.

Your advantages with our acquiring agreement

  • Accept card payments from Visa and Mastercard debit and credit transactions, Visa Electron, V PAY, and Maestro transactions
  • Fast payments directly to your bank
  • Reporting services
  • Customer service in your local language
  • An account at MyNets where you get an overview of your transactions

Accept the most popular card types

There are many different payment cards, where Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB and American Express are among the most popular. When you accept several different card types, you increase both your customer service and your turnover. 

Let your customers pay in their own currency with Dynamic Currency Conversion 

Does your shop have a lot of foreign customers? Are there many tourists in the area where your shop is located? If yes, then the DCC solution is essential to your business.

DCC makes it possible for you to receive payments in numerous foreign currencies. According to studies, 70% of foreign cardholders prefer to pay in their own currency.   

Log in to MyNets to check your transactions and settlement data

In MyNets you get the full overview of all your transactions and settlement data:

  • See your latest settlement data and monthly business summary
  • Download the data you need to PDF, CSV or XML files
  • Get ideas on how to optimize your business with new value added services
  • Use the smart search function to find transaction data, settlement data, etc., for a chosen period

Get an overview and insight - anytime - anywhere. log in via


Order acquiring agreement

Use our online application to order an acquiring agreement. Read more and find link to the order form and information about the process. 

Order acquiring agreement

Our payment terminals

When accepting face-to-face transactions you need a payment terminal. Nets have a range of terminals - find the one meeting your needs.

Payment terminals