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    Convenience is key. We enable you to give your customers a hassle-free service, by letting them pay how they want and when they want. You receive a host of features designed to make your business run smoother.


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    Accept all popular payment methodsRead more →
    Quick terminal replacement with our Swap service
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    Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

    Carsten Vester
    Director Financial Planning & Treasury, Thomas Cook

    We have chosen Nets as a Nordic partner as they deliver a wide choice of relevant payment solutions in the market that we operate in,

    and the great customer support, especially in challenging fields, as intregations of our systems.

    Understand your customers and optimise your business


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    Business insights on the MyNets Portal

    • See all card transactions from terminals and e-commerce
    • Get easy access to settlement reports and turnover data
    • Easy-to-use personal dashboard with advanced statistics
    • Several settings to see what’s important for you

    MyPayments App

    Key insights at your finger tips:

    • Winner of the MPE Award 2019
    • Card turnover development
    • Heat mapping of busiest hours during the week
    • Your customers origin
    • Customer loyalty

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    All-in-one payment solution for your new business

    Easy and secure payments

    Nets Pay

    Fast and simple way to get paid with credit cards. You only need to make one order for both the payment terminal lease and card acquiring

    • A fast and easy way to get started
    • One application - one agreement
    • A simple price structure
    • Fixed monthly fee and a fixed transaction cost for all Visa and Mastercard transactions

    Nets Pay+

    Fast and simple way to get paid with credit cards. You only need to make one order for both the payment terminal lease and card acquiring

    • A fast and easy way to get started
    • One application - one agreement
    • A simple price structure
    • Includes pre-paid transactions up to a fixed value in exchange for a slightly higher monthly fee.

    Nets Pay+ is suitable for businesses with predicable and/or established card sales volumes and benefits them by fixing fixed monthly costs by pre-paying for transactions at a discounted rate.

    Solutions your business can rely on

    Data security

    We help you to comply with international data security standards (PCI DSS)

    Fraud and risk management

    We assist you in how to secure all of your in-store payments

    Proven stability

    We guarantee you immediate transactions with 99.999% device stability

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    Where can I see my transactions?

    As a Nets customer, you have access to the MyNets Portal where you can see all settlement and transaction data for your acquiring agreement.

    If you use other Nets portals, you can also access them via this link.

    Does the terminal also work offline?

    In case you loose your online connection or experience other technical breakdown, you can use your terminal for offline transactions - Note that some cards can only be used with online connection.

    If you find that your payment terminal is not working, it may be because there is no connection to Nets. This may be due to different things, but you can still accept payment on your terminal using terminal offline function, also called emergency procedure. You can see in the terminal guide how your terminal works offline. Your terminal may contain the maximum amount for offline payments.

    Where can I get stickers with card logos?

    Show your customers which payment cards you accept.

    Here you can order stickers to your store entry or window. If you have a webshop, you can also download the card logos here.

    General guidelines for using the logos

    • You cannot change the colour or shape of the logos – except a proportional scaling
    • It is okay to use the logos in black and white
    • You cannot add or remove any graphical elements to the logo
    • If you use more than one logo you must show them in the same size proportionally
    • Read more about the different logos on the card companies' websites
    How does my terminal work?

    Here are the most regular reasons why merchants experience problems with their terminals. Before you contact us, please verify that you have checked the following:

    • All cables are attached to the payment terminal
    • Router or modem is working properly
    • You have the merchant card ready
    • You have your company registration number or terminal-ID (is shown on all receipts) ready

    If the terminal still does not work properly, please contact us and we will try to help you.

    Tipps and tricks around your business

    What do I have to do first before opening my new store?

    Planning on starting your own business? We’ve made a guide with 10 essential steps you should go through to get your business off the ground. If you primarily need advice on payments, you can read more here:

    To be able to accept card payments, you need a terminal and an acquiring agreement.

    In order to receive card payments, you need an acquiring agreement, which is the service to accept credit and debit cards - and you can decide which card brands you want to accept.

    As for terminals, there are many different types of payment terminals that cover different needs. For example:

    • Stationary payment terminals
    • Mobile payment terminals - useful in cafes, so you can receive payment at the customer's table
    • Payment terminals integrated with a cash register
    How can I prevent fraud when accepting card payments?

    With a few precautions you can prevent a lot of abuse in your business. It is crucial that your expedients are aware and know what to keep an eye on. We have made a document where you can read about secure payments in stores. Print the document and keep it in your business. Contact us if you suspect abuse in your business.

    Keep an eye on the following

    • Check that the customer's gender matches the name of the card. (V PAY does not always have the name on the card)
    • It may be a sign of abuse if the customer e.g. buys many and expensive items in a short period of time without checking prices and sizes
    • Also be aware if the customer tries to pay with other cards if one is rejected.
    • There must be hologram on Mastercard, Visa, V PAY, JCB and UnionPay
    • The last four digits of the card number must correspond to those listed on the note
    Can my customers pay with all of the most popular card brands?

    If you only accept Visa and Mastercard today, you might have customers who cannot pay with their favourite card brand. If you want to accept all the most popular card brands you can add card to your agreement.

    Learn how you can accept mobile payment

    Be ready when your customers expect to pay with their mobile wallet in your store.

    In 2020, half of all payments are expected to be mobile payments. One of the drivers for this development are the new digital wallets that consumers can use to pay in stores.

    The new mobile wallets - Alipay, ApplePay and SamsungPay have arrived as payment methods in some of the Nordic countries, and Nets terminals are certified to support these payment methods.

    If you have many Chinese tourists in your store, you should consider to accept Alipay as a payment method. Read more about Alipay.

    For more info on the country specific situations, please call Nets to get advice on the present and future development in your market.

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