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Payment terminals

See an overview of our payment terminals and choose the terminal best suited for your needs. Order easily online!

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Acquiring agreement

Order an acquiring agreement online and accept the most common payment cards within a few days.

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All-in-one solution

Payment terminal plus Visa and MasterCard acceptance in one agreement – with a simple price model. Choose between Nets Pay and Nets Pay+.

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Payment solutions for all industries

Accepting cards is an excellent opportunity to increase sales and service levels. Our payment solutions are tailored to fit all types of businesses; from small shops, clubs and associations to national or Nordic chains.

To be able to accept card payments, you need the following:

  1. Payment terminal(s)
  2. Card acquiring agreement 

Order payment terminal online

We have made it easy for you to find the right payment terminal for your business, whether you stand behind the counter or have a business on the go, whether you own a café or are part of a large Nordic chain.

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Sign up for a card acquiring agreement

In order to accept card payments with Visa, Mastercard, JCB and UnionPay, you need a card acquiring agreement.

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Additional services to your payment solution

Increase sales and your customers' loyalty with our value-added services.

Let your customers pay in their own currency with DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Do you have many foreign customers in your store? Offer them to pay in their own currency with their Visa or Mastercard. We offer DCC in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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Increase your customers' loyalty

We offer a variety of digital loyalty services linked to the customer's payment card. Nets’ digital transaction services enable you to give your customers segmented offers and loyalty benefits in real-time. The customer connects the payment or membership card to your loyalty program and can receive immediate benefits like discounts, coupons or other loyalty based values.

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If you have a restaurant or café, Pay@Table will optimise your customer service

Nets' Pay@Table solution optimises the workflow in restaurants and cafés. Up to 7 mobile payment terminals  are integrated with the ECR via Bluetooth, which makes it poosible for the waiter to perform several cash register functions directly on the payments terminal – at the customers table.

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Offer your customers electronic gift cards

Electronic gift cards are a great tool for increasing sales and customer loaylty. Your customers can design their own gift cards and choose the amount the card will be charged with.

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Pre-authorisation: For hotels and rental companies that need to reserve an amount

Pre-authorisation is used to reserve an amount on the customers payment card, to ensure coverage of used services. The service is suitable for hotels, car rentals and others who are in need of guaranteed settlement.

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Contactless payments

Offer your customers to pay contactless! By tapping a payment card close to the terminal, the transaction is completed in an easy and fast manner.

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Transaction management portals

Get access to our transaction management portals and get the overview and insight you need, anytime – anywhere:

  • See your latest transaction and settlement data and a monthly business summary
  • See statistics for any reconciliation period, accumulated on year, month, week or day
  • Download any details to PDF, CSV, or XML
  • Get ideas on how to optimize your business with new value adding services
  • Search and find transaction data, settlement data, etc., for a specified period 

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Additional services

Increase your sales and make payments easier and more convenient for your customers. Add value to your payment solution.

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Settlement overview and insight

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