Customize your own solution to fit your needs with a Netaxept solution

Choose between different payment methods

Customize your payment solution

Netaxept is a secure and user-friendly payment solution for larger online stores with international customers. Your customers can pay with all major credit cards as well as payment cards, PayPal, invoice / credit, gift certificates and direct payments through your bank. Netaxepts works with all currencies around the world.

With a tailored solution, you can put together a package that suits your needs, whether you need a bigger og smaller solution.

  • You only pay for the features you need
  • Customize a solution that fits your exact webshop setup
  • Put together a more advanced solution

With a Netaxept solution you alwats get:

No matter what solution you choose, you always get our responsive payment window and user-friendly administration.

You will always get the option to receive card payments and the ”remember me” feature.

The ”remember me” feature stores customers’ card information across more than 25,000 webshops in the Nordic region. Since we have over 4 million saved cards, it can increase your conversion rate, because the customers can pay with just one click.

We make it easy to receive payments on all channels

There is many possibilities with our omni-channel solutions:

  •  Let your customers order and pay for their cinema ticket online and let them pick it up later at an automatic terminal.
  • Let your customers book and pay a parking space online and later they can enter the car park by registering their card
  • Let your customers sign-in at a concert through a QR code that they recieved online with their ticket

Many features are covered by a Netaxept solution, incl.: 

Omni channel

Security package

Administration system

Support by mail and phone call

Free test account




Mail and phoneorders

One clickpayments

In-app payments

Mobile online payments

Card payments (Dankort, Visa, MasterCard and other international payment methods) See all our extra services here.



To contact us, please follow the directions for the country you wish to operate in. 

Denmark: Call (+45) 88 77 70 02 or send us an e-mail 
Finland: Call (+358) 09-755 26340 or send us an e-mail
Call (+47) 22 89 81 00 or send us an e-mail
Sweden: Call +46 (0) 08 609 92 00 or send us an e-mail