Check how ready you are for SCA with our checklist

  1. If you haven’t already, activate 3D Secure through your Payments Service Provider. If this is Nets just contact us and we can set this up for you. If you have Nets Easy this is already done so you don’t need to contact us. It doesn’t matter which version of 3D Secure you use – both are compliant with the requirements of SCA.

  2. Check your payments platform is correctly set up for SCA, and the correct setup is in place for Recurring transactions (MITs) and Stored Cards. Check the Nets techsite for your Netaxept, D2 or DT platforms, but this is already set-up on Easy. Developers can find the API specifications here too.

  3. Make sure your webshop payments customer journey is correct for the new requirements of SCA.

  4. You may want to add a message to the checkout page to let your customers know to expect 2 factor authentication via 3D Secure.

  5. Brief your Customer Support team about SCA, how it changes the checkout process, and how to handle any questions from customers. Be ready to reassure customers there is no problem with their card or their account, it’s just an extra security check requested by their card issuer.

  6. If you experience any problems with SCA visit our SCA Support pages first. If you start to experience any unexpected payment declines, contact our Customer Care team.