My customer’s NemID card was refused when making a purchase in my webshop

The NemID card cannot be used for online shopping after 28 December 2020. NemID customers will now need to change to using the existing NemID key app or key displays, or to entering a personal code along with the code from a text message when shopping online. If your customers have had a NemID card refused when buying goods or services online this is most likely to be the reason.

The Danish banks have taken the decision to remove the card so that the NemID service can meet the new EU payment requirements, known as PSD2. Part of PSD2 is Strong Customer Authentication, which is designed to make online payments more secure and reduce fraud.

Your customers can set up the text message option instead of the NemID App here. If they experience any problems, they can call +45 4489 2929 for help.

Read the announcement from Finance Denmark* on the changes to NemID is here.

*Finance Denmark is a business association who represents the banks and other financial organisations in Denmark.