Requirements for your webshop

In order to create your acquiring agreement, we need to approve your webshop. Below we have gathered the specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Terms of sale

It is up to each individual merchant to formulate its terms, but the most important thing is for the content to conform to applicable laws in relation to consumer purchasing, governed, for example, by the Consumer Sale of Goods Act, the Consumer Service Act, the Distance Contracts and Doorstep Sales Act and the E-Commerce Act. However, as a minimum requirement, the terms must always contain the following:

  • Terms and conditions of sale and supply: Information about delivery, how the order/request is processed, shipping and payment must be specified.

  • Procedures for returns of goods: Information on cancellation, complaints, right to cancel a purchase and warranty must be stated clearly.

  • Personal information: Details of how personal data is processed.

  • Card information: Information on how card data is processed and by which supplier

Check box

The card organisations’ regulations relating to how terms must be presented require there to be a check box (“click to accept”) where the cardholder actively confirms acceptance of the terms before the purchase is completed. 

Visible logos 

The merchant must carry clear logos of Visa, Mastercard, Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. The logos must be visible on the merchant’s front page, as well as at the point of payment. The logos must be linked to or  respectively.

Download logos for your webshop

Company information and contact details 

Company name, business registration number and the country in which the company is registered. This information must be displayed clearly during the purchase process, and it is not permissible to refer the cardholder to a separate website. In addition, you must specify your postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, and visiting address, if any.

Product/service information and price

In order to be approved, the website must include examples of the goods/services specified in the application, together with prices.  All prices must be stated in Swedish kronor and must include value-added tax and other duties. The total cost of the purchase must be displayed clearly prior to final ordering, and must include all costs associated with the purchase, including any postage and shipping costs.

The merchant is responsible at all times for complying with applicable laws and Visa and Mastercard rules, and shall indemnify Nets in any and all use of the examples set out below.