Card types - What's the difference?

There are many different kinds of payment cards, and Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB and American express are among the most popular. To accept several different card types increases both customer service and income.


The popular Mastercard – credit card
Mastercard is a credit card with an associated individual limit. This limit determines how much can be spent on the card per month. Card holder can pay with the card if the card is active, and also, if there is coverage of the limit. 

Mastercard’s debit card is the popular card for online use
Maestro and Mastercard Debit are debit cards that can be used only with online transactions. The cards can be used on the Internet. With regard to Maestro, however, it is necessary to have Mastercard Securecode. Mastercard Debit is usually unembossed, that is the card is not printed.

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Visa debit cards

Visa Debit and Visa Electron are popular debit cards. The system checks if there is coverage on the bank account prior to approval of the transaction. Therefore you cannot accept Visa debit cards offline.

V PAY – debit card for chip and PIN

V PAY is a European debit card that can be used only with chip and PIN. Not all V PAY cards have a name or expiry date. Some are prepaid cards or Visa gift cards.

Visa credit card

Visa credit card is a popular credit card with an individual limit. Always make sure to get an authorisation code if you accept Visa credit offline. 

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Dankort (Only for Danish merchants)

Dankort is the Danish national debit card. Today it is usually combined with a Visa card. You can use Dankort in most shops and businesses in Denmark.

You can order a Dankort agreement through our online portal.

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Get more Asian customers accepting JCB

The card is very popular in Asia and you attract Asian customers when accepting their local credit card. Nets is the leading acquirer of JCB in the Nordic.

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Get a share of the very high transactions made with UnionPay

The many Chinese tourists expect to be able to use their UnionPay. Chinese tourists are known to use a large amount of money when travelling and the average transaction with UnionPay cards is extremely high. You can get a share of those high transactions by accepting UnionPay.

Teller is the only acquirer of UnionPay in the Northern countries.

UnionPay in numbers

  • The 2nd largest card network by transaction volume worldwide
  • Over 4.9 billion UnionPay Cards in circulation
  • Over 32 trillion RMB (US$5.15 T) transaction volume a year
  • Over 75% tourists purchase more than 3 times
  • Most of the target products are between 2,000- 8,000 Euros, luxury products like watches between 10,000 to 50,000 Euros in average

Facts about UnionPay

China UnionPay is the largest card company in China and today UnionPay is also issued in some European countries. The card is not chip enabled but has a six-digits PIN-code which your chip terminal can handle. UnionPay can not be accepted in E-commerce or mail- and telephone order. Cardholder must use PIN and it must be an online transaction.

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American Express

American Express is a concern which is engaged in different acivities like a travel agency, financial services and network services. American Express was founded in 1850, and is now the leading firm within payment cards, credit cards, travel checks, travelling and business services.  

American Express offers several kinds of personal cards, business cards and prepaid cards.

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