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The key to offering great service is recognising your customers’ needs and providing what they want when they want it. With payments at its centre, Nets 360 helps you power your service business by enabling you to integrate all channels and touchpoints. Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant, a café, a parking garage or anything in between, Nets 360 is the OmniChannel payment solution that is convenient, flexible and personal.

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Happy customers keep coming back

Customers put their money where their hearts are. We all have our favourite places to eat, preferred transport services and hotels that we love to stay at. Places and services that suit our needs and where we feel appreciated. 

360 Loyalty helps your service business hold on to customers and make them come back time after time again, by recognising what they are looking for and offering personalised serviced around these needs. All based on the unique ID attached to each customer’s preferred payment method.

Everyday efficiency for your customers and business

A great service experience is simple and on point. Nets 360 offers a wide range of services that helps you boost your efficiency and simplify your customers’ lives.

Why let customers wait? With 360 Flex Collect you can easily identify customers’ when arriving or checking-in, based on the unique ID tagged to the used payment method. 


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Pay in a flash

Reduce the wait with 360 Instant Pay. Once customers register their preferred payment method in your app, they can order or book services on the fly or pay with a single click or swipe. Then they just have to stop by to fulfil the order. 

Hello new business

Nets 360 not only helps you take care of existing business. The flexible services can also lead the way to new avenues of revenue. With 360 Subscriptions hotels can set up recurring payment plans for the use of their gym, while parking lot operators can offer car wash services. The list is endless.

360 Subscriptions is a recurring payment engine that can be applied to all service businesses. It allows you to capture the details of customers’ preferred payment method at your physical location and feed it into your online platform. This creates ease and predictability for the customer as well as consistency and opportunity for your business. All based on the customers’ preferred payment method.


Easy returns increase customer satisfaction

With 360 Returns, customers can cancel and get refunds on prepaid bookings through any channel, no matter how they made the original booking. This is convenient refund handling for both you and your customers, and it will increase your chance of being top of mind next time the customer needs to book an order or a service.

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Nets 360 easily adapts to both retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. Let’s explore what we can do for you.

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