Nets 360 upgrades the shopping experience

Today’s retail customers expect smooth shopping experiences tailored to their exact needs, whether browsing in a physical store or online. Centred around the unique ID generated by the customer’s preferred payment method, Nets 360 allows you to connect all channels and touchpoints and helps you boost both revenue and customer satisfaction. Whatever needs your customers may have, Nets 360 is a payment-based OmniChannel enabler that is convenient, flexible and personal. 

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What online shopping can feel like with Nets 360

Mary is looking for a new pair of running shoes. She checks out a couple of blogs and reads some reviews, before she finds a couple of relevant models. Mary orders two different pairs from her favourite online shop with a single click, since her payment card is already registered there.

A couple of days later the shoes arrive, and she has chosen to pick them up in the shop’s physical retail store on her way to work. Mary taps her payment card at the cash register, which instantly lets the cashier identify her order, hand it over and send Mary on her way. Later, she tries on the shoes at home and makes up her mind.

The next day, Mary returns the other pair at the store. With a tap of the previously used payment card Mary’s order history appears, and the cashier quickly identifies the relevant order. Mary receives the refund – and, while she’s in the store, she picks up a couple of new running socks.

The store registers Mary’s purchases and now they know her favourite brand of shoes and her size. So the store can offer Mary personalised specials and loyalty offers based on her purchase history.

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Order online and pick up in-store

360 Flex Collect brings convenience to both your customers and your business.  Imagine that your customer can buy an item online and select the “Click&Collect” option. When the customer arrives at the store, the cashier just needs to register the payment method used for the transaction to identify the customer’s order. 

The cashier saves time looking for order numbers, double-checking name and so on. Plus your customers are served just as smoothly as they expect.

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Never run out of stock again

With 360 Aisles you can eliminate out-of-stock issues by merging your physical and online stock. Shoes not available in the right size at your store? No worries, your customer can buy them in-store and have them shipped to the home address.  The unique ID tagged to the preferred payment method can be used to identify the customer’s e-commerce profile and arrange shipping in one seamless action. 

This way, you get the chance to recover sales that would have otherwise been lost. Plus you can give your customer the great experience of not leaving the store empty-handed. A true endless aisles win-win.

Pay in a flash

Customers don’t want to wait in line to pay. With 360 Instant Pay customers can check out from your website, app or physical store in just one click, when their payment information is stored in our secure database. 

This means fewer abandoned shopping carts and more completed sales, while customers don’t even have to get up from the couch. 360 Instant Pay is the fastest way to complete a transaction.

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Easy returns in-store

One of the major downsides of online shopping is the thought of returning an item that doesn’t fit. 360 Returns eliminates this aspect and gives customers the opportunity to return items bought online in a physical store or vice versa. All it takes is a tap of the payment method used for the original purchase to bring up orders.

This helps you boost customer satisfaction, while research also shows that people who return an item in-store are more likely to pick up another item while there.

Set up recurring payments

360 Subscriptions makes it easy to set up recurring payment plans. Whether it’s a monthly box of groceries, a morning coffee programme or any other product with a recurring fee. Sign-up can happen swiftly in-store with the registration of the customer’s preferred payment method. 

Customers can enjoy a smooth and easy process, while your business benefits from more returning customers and recurring payments.

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Turn occasional customers into loyal patrons

The intimate understanding of your customers’ preferences, which Nets 360 enables, lets you tailor-make offerings and turn occasional customers into loyal patrons.

Your customers will experience a hassle-free, simplified approach to shopping – easy returns, fast payments and pickups, and much more – all made possible by the 360 toolbox. And they will want to come back for more.

Want to know more about how Nets 360 can improve your business?

Nets 360 easily adapts to both retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. Let’s explore what we can do for you.

Want to know more about how Nets 360 can improve your business?

Nets 360 easily adapts to both retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. Let’s explore what we can do for you.

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