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Let’s help you find the right payment solution for your business. Wherever your ambitions take you, we’ll be there for you.

The right choice

What does that mean? – Well, basically it’s all about you getting the payment solution that is just right for your business and your customers, regardless of whether it is online, in-store – or maybe both? It’s about you being able to focus on running and developing your business, resting assured that your payments run smoothly and securely across channels, delivering great experiences to your customers, making sure they believe you too, are the right choice.

Card acceptance

If you already have a terminal that accepts cards, you only need a card acceptance agreement.

All in one package
From per month
EUR 29
from 1.79% per transaction

The perfect payment solution if you want to get started accepting card payments in no time – with no unpredictable charges or expensive fees.


If you already have a card acceptance agreement and need a terminal in order to accept card payments.

The right terminal for your business

Easy and smooth service keeps most customers happy. A part of delivering great service includes offering payment solutions that never let you down. No matter whether you do business in your own shop or on the go, we always have a terminal that suits your needs.


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