Eelistatud maksepartner Baltikumis ja Skandinaavias

    • Terminali rendi-ja maksekaartide teenindamise leping
    • Aktsepteerige enimlevinud makseviise
    • Kergesti kasutatav MyPayments rakendus
    Müügikoha lahendus
    • Kerge integreerida
    • Kiire checkout protsess
    • Mastercard ja Visa kaardimaksed
    e-poe lahendus

    Carsten Vester
    Director Financial Planning & Treasury Thomas Cook

    We have chosen Nets as a Nordic partner as they deliver a wide choice of relevant payment solutions in the market that we operate in and the great customer support, especially in challenging fields, as intregations of our systems.

    Jesper Langgaard
    Reception Manager Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

    Every year we exceed 100 000 foreign customers and most of them want to pay their bill in their local currency through Visa or MasterCard. This is an added value to the customer experience and at the same time we get commission on each transaction thanks to Nets DCC solution, Dynamic Currency Conversion.

    Jyrki Paavolainen
    Financial director, Evidensia

    The decision to centralize our payment solutions was very important to us. The benefit of the full package (payment terminals and acquiring agreement) is the easyness and cost efficiency. Also joint and simultaneous reporting is important for us as we have over 50 clinics.

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