Nets One time code

​Nets One time code is an easy and low-level identification method.

Enable Nets One time code in your services

The Nets One time code is a low level identification method. To identify the user, Nets will need a name and the user's phone number, and the user will be identified based on a one time code sent to his/hers mobile phone. The one time code is valid for 15 minutes. There is no validation of the name and the phone number.

To get you started with Nets One time code identification through E-Ident, contact our support and they will help you set up the service.

Information about the end user



Requires scope=openid

            ​The pid value is set to the user's phone number.
Family name


Requires: scope=profile

​SURNAME​End user's surname.
​Given name


Requires: scope=profile

​GIVENNAME​End user's first/given name.
​Full name


Requires: scope=profile

​FULLNAME​End user's full name.
​Phone number


Requires scope=profile

​PHONE_NUMBER​End user's phone number.

User experience

Step 1 (optional eID selection page):



Step 2a (enter name and phone number):



Step 2b (Enter name, verify phone number): 



Step 2c (Verify name and phone number):



Step 2d (enter  phone number, verify name):



Step 3 (enter code):


Optional eID selection page

The eID selection page will only be visible if your customer configuration supports more than one eID. If you have more than one eID on your configuration, you may direct the user directly to Step 2 by setting the amr_values (OIDC) or forcepkivendor (SAML) parameters to nets_sms.

Preset phone number and/or name

The end user's phone number and/or name may be preset by the customer. The user can't change these values later and will only need to confirm them prior to receiving the one time code.

To preset the phone number and/or name, the customer must append the presetid parameter to the identification request. Format:

  • Only phone number: +<country code><phone number>. Ex. +4612345678 where 46 is the country code.
  • Only name: <family name>,<first+middle name(s)>. Ex. Svenson, Anton Erik.  
  • Both: +<country code><phone number> <family_name>,<first+middle name(s)>. Ex. +4612345678 Svenson, Anton Erik 

Nets logo

If needed, the Nets logo can be downloaded from