BS Mandate API version 3

The Betalingsservice Mandate API enables you to send mandate requests for customer approval in the BS app or e-Boks app.






Betalingsservice is a Direct Debit (DD) (creditor/payee initiated) product for recurring billing of your payers (debtors).

The business benefits of Betalingsservice include more predictable cash flow for payees (creditors), payments on due date, longer payer (debtor) life-time, fewer calls to customer service on payments, lower level on loss on payers (debtors), lower dunning level and bank payment guarantee of DKK 1.000 per payment.

Betalingsservice gives the payer (debtor) a full overview of all recurring bills via one common monthly pre-notification, with digital access via Netbanks, Mobile Banks, and BS app.​


BS Mandate API

With BS Mandate API, you can create Betalingsservice mandates (Betalingsservice payment agreements) between you and your payer (debtor). With it, you can offer your payers easier and faster on-boarding to Betalingsservice when purchasing goods or services through your webshop, call center or face-to-face. This API is intended for payees (creditors) wanting a Betalingsservice mandate with a payee (debtor).


Betalingsservice mandates can be created in two modes using the BS Mandate API.


  1. Authentication and approval by your payer takes place within Betalingsservice App or e-Boks app. You will push a mandate Request to a payer by using their National ID (cpr. no.) to either the BS app or e-Boks app where the payer selects a payment account and performs PSD2 SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) compliant authentication.

  2. ​You collect the payer information needed for mandate creation and ensure payer consent for the Betalingsservice mandate (you will need to demonstrate the consent in case of payer dispute). You then create the mandate via straight-through-processing (STP) using the API (realtime status is not available as bank approvals are done in batch)   ​

Use case

The API applies in scenarios where you need a solution that:

1.       Enables your payers to approve and authenticate (SCA) through their mobile device (something they have) with either a mobile code (something they know) or biometrics (something they are).

2.       Lets you create mandates (after collecting payer information and consent from the payer) using a modern API integration as opposed to the standard Betalingsservice file format.​

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What's in it for you

  • Instant Betalingsservice onboarding
  • Easy post-sale Betalingsservice onboarding (e.g. if internal payer       references are not instantly created )
  • Fewer wrong entries from payers. Minimize time spend on identifying payer.
  • Fewer calls from payers regarding the bill  ​​


When a Mandate Request has been approved by your payer, you will at any point be able to check the status of your mandate using get status of man date request. Alternatively, use the callback.

When doing STP mandate creation you need to check the status using the get status.​​


​​Use case scenario:

Mandate request through the e-Boks app

John agrees with Charity organisation x (NGO) to make a monthly donation of 350 DKK. X sends a mandate request to John from their CRM system. John is notified about the pending notification by the e-Boks app, he opens the app and approves the mandate request. When John has approved the mandate request, X gets an instant callback with a status update.   ​




STP mandate creation

Lisa  agrees with Charity organisation Y to make a monthly donation of 150 DKK. Y collects the payer data needed for mandate creation ( and payment account information) and ensures and documents the consent from Lisa. Y creates the mandate through the API and checks the mandate status via a status call the next day.



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