Operation pattern and deadlines

​​​​This page describ​es the deadlines used in the distribution of documents in Nets Share.

​​Deadlines in Nets Share, general information

After files have been received, validated and acknowledged in Nets Share, 98% of all documents received by Nets before 3 pm must be distributed to the electronic channels before 8 am the following morning. 

The time limits for distribution to electronic channels are based on the volume indicated in the sender's volume projections. 

If volumes are sent that exceed the sender's projections, additional time must be allowed for distribution to electronic channels.

​​Deadlines for e-Boks



​​Subscription list –

registrations/deregistrations by message recipients

​5 pm (Day 0) – final deadline to guarantee inclusion on the list delivered the following day.

9 am (Day 1) – e-Boks delivers the subscription file to Nets.

14 pm (Day 1) – Nets places the list in the Outbound folder 
Distribution to e-Boks 
3 pm (Day 0) Deadline for guaranteed distribution by 8 am the following day.
8 pm (Day 0) Transfer from Nets to e-Boks of documents. Delivered before 3 pm.
Note: documents delivered after 3 pm . May be included, but this is not guaranteed.
Alert e-mail from e-Boks to customer


The sending of alert e-mails begins at 9.30 am and alerts are sent every hour until 4.30 pm. 50,000 e-mails are sent per hour (to manage the load in e-Boks). 

At 5.30 pm, the remaining e-mails are sent out in unlimited numbers so that everyone has been alerted. At 9.30 pm, we again sent out e-mails in unlimited numbers.


If volumes sent exceed the sender's projections, additional time must be allowed for distribution to electronic channels. The table below describes the additional processing times that must be allowed when distributing to e- Boks.

Volume Up to 10% above Up to 25% above Up to 50% above Up to 75% above
0 – 50.000 None None None 12 hours
50.001-150.000 None None 12 hours 12 hours
150.001-300.000 None 12 hours 12 hours 24 hours
300.001 – 500.000 None 12 hours 24 hours By agreement
500.001 – 1.000.000 12 hours 24 hours By agreement By agreement
1.000.001 – 
24 hours By agreement By agreement By agreement

​​​Deadlines for Print

Documents for print must be posted before 6 pm on the following business day, provided the volume is below 50.000 documents and the file has been received by Nets before 3 pm the day before. 

For volumes of 50.000–200.000 documents, a further 24 hours should be added. Print of volumes above 200.000 documents must be agreed on a case-by-case basis.
Confirmations from Print are only received upon the documents being printed which in some cases are the day after being sent to our Print partner, hence making the messages not appear on the following mornings distribution report, but one day later instead. Hence, always wait 48 hours from sending before contacting the support team regarding print delays.

​​​Receipt files from Nets

Files must be validated and a receipt sent to the sender within 60 minutes with an OK or reason for rejection, if applicable, during normal office hours. 

Outside normal office hours, the response time for validation and receipt will be no later than 9 am the following business day. 

If files are received after 3 pm, any error situations arising will be correctable on the following business day.