Digital Life Cycle Management

​Go Beyond Physical Cards

Nets Digital Life Cycle Management (DLCM) Services enables you with one interface to create digital customer journeys for your full card portfolio of physical and virtual cards. Both as mono- and multi-scheme issuer, you benefit greatly from the state-of-the-art scheme agnostic interface delivered via the DLCM API.





Scheme Tokenization Service

Full control of all token management

Via the DLCM API you easily access the module for token
management, which includes management of issued tokens
and provisioning of tokens to the preferred xPay wallets.

One interface (API) for both Visa Token Service (VTS) and
Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES). Apply one or
both and stay enabled for any new preference.

Account Updater Service

Smooth adaptation to the subscription economy

Remove the risk of failed subscription payments due to renewed or replaced cards via the automated and frictionless updating of card credentials within merchants’ payment infrastructure

Secure Data Display Service

Securely make sensitive and useful data available to your customers

Provide your customers with easy and secure access to sensitive
data via the DLCM Service. Make card credentials for
eCommerce Payments available via preferred application

Subscription Management Service

Enable issuers to be able to provide the following functionalities to their customers (cardholders):

  • an overview of subscriptions and recurring payments, based on the following information sources:

      • Visa Stop Payment Services

      • Merchant inquiries performed through VAU and ABU

      • Transaction data for recurring payments

  • ability to manage subscriptions, where possible, i.e. through Visa Stop Payment Services