Document formats

Supported formats

​Format​mimetype​special rules​conversions


​SDOx-application/seid-sdo​PDF (see below)
​TXT​text/plain;charset=...​Can only be stored through the REST interface
​CSV​text/csv;charset=...​Can only be stored through the REST interface



All variants of PDF are supported. However, as archived documents are typically meant for long term preservation, the PDF/A subset is recommended.


TIFF is a container format for images, and is commonly used in scanning. It supports a wide variance of internal representations. We aim to support conversion (real-time on retrieval) to PDF for all of them.


SDO refers to Signed Digital Object. We support the BankID SEID-SDO format generated by Nets E-Signing services. SDO is a container format, enclosing a document together with a series of electronic signatures of that document.

The internal document can be either a PDF, a text document or a BID-XML construct. The SDO format does not support storing the character set of text content. This will be treated as US-ASCII by E-Archive. 


The BID-XML construct consists of two objects; an XML file and an XSL transformation. The XSLT can be used to transform the XML into an HTML document. When viewing this, E-Archive further transforms the HTML into a PDF. Support for BID-XML is not generic, but is made to support some specific use cases. If support for this format is required, a specific agreement should be made.


Both these are text formats, that are stored and retrieved without any conversion. When storing, a character set must be specified. The 3 preferred character sets are US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8.