Dynamic Currency Conversion

​Product Overview






Dynamic Currency Conversion enables cardholders to pay in their own currency. Cardholders will feel more at home and comfortable when paying in their own currency and knowing the exact sum, while corporate card users will have immediate finality of their expenses and can book their receipts straight away.

The merchant benefits from this by earning a commision. The commission is settled automatically and can be tracked in Merchant Portal or MyNets.

According to our experiences up to 25% of cardholders choose DCC.

There are no costs for activating or offering this service.

Contactless DCC

Visa allows DCC on contactless transactions no matter of size of the amount, but for Mastercard there is a limitation saying that DCC is not allowed, if the amount is below the CVM limit (amounts below DKK 350,-). Seen from a customer perspective it's more easy to have same rule for both card schemes, but whether the PSP choose to implement the CVM limit for only Mastercard or for Visa as well, this limitation must be incorporated into the terminal software and is not included in the DCC eligible check provided by this API.