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Dots play an integral role in Nets' identity. They should be used according to defined rules so they do not overpower communication.


There are three ways to use dots in the new Nets design.

  • Orange dots integrated in a conceptual image via Photoshop. They are not to be integrated in any communication/marketing elements until the CVI and usage rules are finalised
  • Graphical orange dots placed directly on top of an image/background
  • As a simple pattern with a maximum of four flexible dots

 A single Nets_light blue dot may be incorporated in the dots and some dots may hold copy. Orange dots must not overlap one another.

Conceptual dots in key visuals

Orange dots are integrated in the image as a proof of Nets presence and solutions.


Facts dots

These dots are highlighting facts. A maximum of one dot may stand out in Nets_light blue.
Nets_light blue dot may be overlapped by an Nets_orange dot.


Simple dot pattern

This is a supporting flexible graphical element that can be used in many ways. Its primary function is to add some liveliness and to introduce the orange dot.